Eirwen pt 3

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She explored the space in which she found herself. She hadn’t liked the cage, but it had been palatial when compared to the traveling cage. She didn’t like cages. She sat under the tree that stood in the house and looked up at the gleaming balls. They reflected the moonlight that poured through the windows. She had tried to climb the tree earlier, but the human had stopped her. If she were honest, she’d felt the whole tree shake even as she began her ascent. It hadn’t felt right. It hadn’t felt like the trees in the green spaces. It hadn’t smelled like any of those trees either. She hadn’t liked how her weight had shifted the tree. She didn’t think it was very safe. She’d been glad when the human plucked her out of the branches.

She considered everything that had happened when the humans had found her and the kit she’d rescued. She had no idea where they had taken the kit. She’d found herself in a cage for a short period. They’d poked her with something sharp and done other, more humiliating, things to her. They’d also given her food and water that wasn’t stiff. That was a plus.

The human male who had brought her to this place had called her “Eirwen”. She wasn’t sure what that meant, but it seemed he was talking to her. He’d had gentle hands as he stroked her. She had the impression he liked her.

“He named you Eirwen.” A quiet voice spoke and she spun to see a large human, dressed in red with white face fur. She’d seen him before. He was the human who had approached her a week ago and promised her that her kind heart would net her a home. Something about him had told her she could trust him. “His name is Tom. He’s a new widower. His mate, I guess you’d call her, stopped living a moon ago. He’s lonely without her. You can help him in the same way you helped the human kit you took care of yesterday. I promised you a home.” He chuckled that nice laugh. “This is it. Good luck, Eirwen. I’ll see you next year.” She watched as he turned and vanished from her view. She looked around. He’d kept his promise.

She leaped to the back of the sofa and settled down. This was a good place. She jumped down again and walked into the room where Tom had gone earlier. He lay sleeping on a soft shelf. She leaped up beside his warm body and curled up. He was hers. He and this place suited her. Living here would do.

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