My Morning Walks

I walk two miles every morning. I walk down my street and go a park in my neighborhood. It has an asphalt path that meanders through it. The path is a mile long. I walk around it twice. Then I walk home. It’s early in the morning when I walk. It’s usually just before dawn on the days that I work around eight o’clock in the morning. I leave at quarter to six in the morning. It takes me almost an hour to walk to the park and around the path twice. This morning, as I walked, I could see the early dawn breaking. The sky was black overhead; the eastern sky was a band of red, with orange bands across the eastern sky. It was a beautiful site. The sun was just below the horizon, which accounted for the beautiful bands of red and orange. As the sun rose over the horizon, I made my way home. I will walk again tomorrow at around the same time. I hope to see that orange and red band of sky behind the trees again.

Overhead there were stars in the sky and a crescent moon in the black sky. The sky lightened as my walk progressed. It was a mild morning and the walk invigorated me. I enjoy my mornings in the park. I often have it to myself and that can be quite enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge it when others come into the park. it’s just that i enjoy the time to myself.

The mornings are my time. I walk a little later when my workday starts later. I wait until the sun is up to walk then. I am still in my own little world when I walk at that time, but the time just before dawn is special. I see the animals that you don’t often see, rabbits and, yes, skunks. I don’t mess with either animal, with an emphasis on not messing with the skunk. I make sure that they know that I’m not after them.

My morning walks are not just increasing my physical fitness; they also increase my mental fitness. I can think while I walk. I walk and think about things, sometimes fiction and sometime I plan scenarios. The mind can wander on my walks and that is good. So, I am walking my way to physical and mental fitness. Walking may not do it for you; we all find our own way to our fitness. If we can do it while looking at something beautiful, it’s a bonus.

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