The Experiment

No matter what I did with the numbers, the result was the same. I closed the file and sent it to Fiallan’s station. “The experiment is out of control.” Aod looked up at my words. “What do you mean, Brittyn?”

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Feline Freedom League Mission Report December 2017

From: Mr. Whiskers To: All Agents Date: 3 December 2017 Subject: Death of Agent Storm Agent Storm will not be replaced. This decision is based on the belief that there are enough agents present in your location to cover his

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Managing Projects – Breaking Them Down

You have something that you have or want to do. Maybe it overwhelms you. I have a project like that. I’m revising several novels simultaneously. Your project is too large to do at once. It might be easier than you

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Timed Writing

Sometimes when I’m writing, the words just don’t want to come to me. I try to keep writing through those times. I use a variety of methods to get the words out. I often just set a timer and write

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I use excel to create schedules for my writing project. I don’t schedule things down to the minute. I just schedule things to do each day. I use a schedule for writing this blog. I have a week to write,

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Feline Freedom League Mission Report November 2017

From: Agent Molly To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 5 November 2017 Subject: Mission Report Things have returned to normal around here. The humans have stopped that odd barking they were doing. The female is doing her stretches again. They continue to

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The Apology

Hello there. Glad to meet you. Sorry about that, I haven’t hurt anyone before. What’s going on? Well, my story is straight forward. I’ve been here a long time, so I guess I’m the expert on what’s going on. My

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