Rambling in a Journal

A good writing exercise is to just sit down and write. The technical term for it is free writing. I call it rambling in my journal. A lot of my blogs start out as rambles in my journal. I often

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Point of View

Any story needs a point of view. This is very important. The point of view of a story is the perspective of the story. It’s the reader’s “in” to the story. Basically, the point of view gives the reader a

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I don’t multitask well. I don’t think anyone really does it well or even at all. Multitasking means doing several tasks at once. This is often impossible. Some things are easy to multitask like doing laundry while writing or even

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Feline Freedom League July 2016 Report

From: Agent Cuddlebug To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 3 July 2014 Subject: Mission Report Agent Probie continues his experiments with the strange creatures. He pulls off their tails, which seem to come off very easily. Then he lets the creatures escape.

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My problem lately is that I have been too easily distracted. I allowed myself to be distracted. Self-discipline is an important tool in a writer’s tool box. I would put it right up there with pen, paper, and words. If

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There’s an old saying, “Everybody talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.” Well, that’s a true statement, in so far as it goes. No one does anything about the weather because we don’t have the technology

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Yoga is about flexibility – not just in body, but in mind as well. By taking my first ever yoga class, I have taken the first step towards personal growth. I always knew that yoga incorporated more than just the

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