Logging your blogs

If you are a blogger, you probably know to schedule your blog topics, but do you log them? I keep my schedule of topics as a kind of log. In short, my blog schedule does double duty as a log

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Project Planning

Project planning often involves several tasks that must be performed. They also typically have a deadline of some kind, which implies a timetable. Therefore, you should schedule the time to complete the project. Scheduling a project is both complicated and

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Feline Freedom League February 2017 Report

From: Agent Cuddlebug To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 5 February 2017 Subject: Mission Report I feel old. Just watching the younger agents makes me feel as though I am not up to my duties any more. I realize that I am

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Establishing A Routine

If you have a project that you need to get done, you should establish a routine that allows you to work on it. I have a routine that I practice every morning that allows me to write in my journal.

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Fitness is big business these days. Everyone wants to get fit. People shell out thousands for gym memberships. They get into their gym clothes and head off to the gym and climb on a stair stepper or stationary bike or

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Last week, I talked about setting targets for your writing sessions as a way to help you to achieve your writing goals. This week, I will talk about one of the benefits of setting those targets — focus. Setting such

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Setting Session Targets

Project targets are good. I have been using them to write these blogs and they seem to help me to reach a certain word count. Targets are something to aim at. They are a lot like goals, but they are

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