Eirwen pt 2

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Tom Markham peered through the gloom. Damn it was cold. He studied the alley. Would a toddler go down it? He wished he knew for certain. At least the snow was easing off. The weather people say it will get worse again around midnight. It was nine now. The Mainwarings were frantic. Their toddler Sadie was missing. It seemed she wandered away from the store where her mother had been Christmas shopping. He shone his flashlight down the alley.

He almost missed it, the signs of something dragged through the snow. He followed the track. How upsetting it would be if it turned out to be only a trash bag. The track seemed to be heading for a dumpster. No doubt he was wasting time looking here. Why would a toddler come here?

“This way,” he called to Marge Waring, his partner, he spotted two glowing spots. “What have we here?” It was a gray and white cat sitting on the missing toddler. He swooped down and grabbed the cat before it could run. He stuffed it into his pocket and scooped up the baby. The cat squirmed in his oversized pocket. “Found little Sadie!” He couldn’t keep the elation out of his voice. He cuddled the child close and headed back to Marge at the end of the alley. “You drive.” He got into the passenger seat. “She’s quite cold.”

“You are going to be the hero, Tom,” Marge grinned.

“I’m not the hero,” he grinned back. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the cat. “This little Fuzzball is the hero. I found tracks where she dragged little Sadie out of the worst of the weather. Then she cuddled up with the kid.” They drove to the hospital where Marge took the child in for the doctors to examine her. She came back to the car, the child’s parents were at the hospital waiting for news.

“Where to now?” she slid behind the wheel.

“Vet.” Tom cuddled the cat against his chest.

The vet tech took the cat from him and took her back into the back of the office. Once they checked her over for a chip and found none, they returned her to Tom’s care.

“So is she going up for adoption?” Marge wanted to know.

“Nope.” Tom grinned. “She’s got a home. I’m going to take her home with me.” He had Marge watch the little hero while he went into the pet store. He needed to pick up some supplies, which included a proper carrier. Back in the car, she complained when he stuffed her into it. “Relax, Fuzzball,” he told the squirming cat. “You only have to stay in there until I get you home.”

“You can’t call her Fuzzball.” Marge reproved him. “She’s too pretty for that.” Tom studied the cat.
“I know.” He admitted. “I’m at a loss about what to name her. Hero is an option. I guess. She saved the kid from dying in the snow.”

“Eirwen.” Marge suggested. “It’s Welsh for snow.”

“That’s perfect, except for the gray fur.” He chuckled. “Still, in some light situations, snow can be gray.”

“That’s settled, then,” Marge drove through the snow. “The cat’s name is Eirwen.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Tom saluted his partner and laughed. Marge dropped him at the station. He drove his truck through the worsening snowstorm. Eirwen sat in her carrier looking quite put out.

“You’re fine.” He told her. “You’ll like living with me. I have a nice little house. No more sheltering under a dumpster or rooting through one for food. I’ll take good care of you. That’s a promise.”

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