The Mugging

“Lana always cuts through the park.” Marcella Stewart moaned. “She needs to stop. That mugger makes it so dangerous. He’s killed ten people already.” She paced the floor in front of Serena Wells who wondered what Marcella wanted her to do. “Can’t you stop her?”

“No.” Serena said. “It’s your daughter’s choice to take that short cut.”

“Even after that thug killed me, she still goes through there.” Marcella cried. Serena shrugged.

“Nothing I can do about that.”

“You could protect her.”

“So could you.” Serena got up from her chair and walked out of the room. Marcella didn’t follow. She felt confined to the hospital room where she’d died, which meant she wouldn’t follow Serena. She was right though. Something had to be done.

Charles Hunt waited in the bushes. Another single person was coming down the path. They came right to him. He leaped out slashing with his knife. As his victim lay bleeding, he helped himself to the guy’s watch, wallet and a nice diamond ring. Women were better for jewelry, but men often carried more cash. He’d sell the credit cards. All in all, he’d got a nice haul. He slipped away in the bushes, leaving his moaning victim behind to bleed to death.

Lana Stewart moved down the path. Another walker had died yesterday. The police caught a man they believed to be responsible. Robert Ames was a nasty man. He’d had the poor guy’s credit cards, but not his watch or ring. No one knew how much cash he’d stolen from Josh Ryder, his latest victim. Lana felt safer now that Ames was in custody. It had happened right along here. She shuddered at the sight of the tall shrubbery along the path side. The city should cut those down a bit.

Someone grabbed her. She felt a knife slash her arm. Then she was free.

“What the..” The man never finished his sentence. Lana turned to see a tall woman with long blond hair grasping the man’s arm.

“Charles Hunt,” she said. “You have killed your final victim. It’s time you faced Justice.” He broke free of her. Lana screamed. Charles, if that was his name slashed at the woman who didn’t flinch. Lana dialed nine one one, unable to leave the woman.

“Who the hell are you?” He stared at her. His hand had passed right through her.

“I am Serena Wells, not that it matters.” She replied grasping his knife hand again. “You will not kill again, except for one person.”

“Oh yeah?” He sneered. “I am stronger than you.” He tried to break her hold. The knife turned towards him. “Then I’ll kill you.” He broke free again and lunged at Serena. Lana couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Why didn’t he run?

“You won’t be able to kill me.” Two cops ran past Lana.

“The hell I can’t,” Charles snarled.

“No, I can only die once,” she smiled as the knife plunged into his throat even as  the cops grabbed him. They looked around to see who he was talking to. “And I did that back in the sixties.” Lana screamed again as Serena faded away.


I am not one who is comfortable talking about myself but here goes. I enjoy writing, family history, and reading. I decided to do this blog because I wanted to try something new. I decided to make it a weekly blog because I wasn't sure that I could keep up with a daily one, and monthly seemed like I was writing a magazine. I think I did ok with my choices. You'll notice that there are not a lot of graphics on my site. That's because there are graphics plastered everywhere on the Internet and those sites sometimes take forever to load. This blog is a place where you can kick back, relax and be ready to be amused. At least I hope I willbamuse you. This blog is on a variety of subjects from my ficitional cat agency, the FFL, which is monthly, to instructional blogs to editorials, which are my opinions only. I admit that I don't know everything and could be wrong -- I frequently am. Now, stop reading about me and read what I have to say!

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