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Starting with a Character

OK, a character has popped into  your head and you’ve fleshed her out into a full character sketch. Now what? Write a story around the character. How to do that? Well, ask your character. Ask the character about his ambitions.

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Conflict drives a good story. You can’t really tell a good tale without some kind of conflict in it. It doesn’t have to be a violent conflict. You can write a short story about two people trying to live their

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The Mugging

“Lana always cuts through the park.” Marcella Stewart moaned. “She needs to stop. That mugger makes it so dangerous. He’s killed ten people already.” She paced the floor in front of Serena Wells who wondered what Marcella wanted her to

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A Word About Settings

Setting is an integral part of your story. Without setting the characters and the action are taking place in a vacuum. Life doesn’t take place in a vacuum. We have buildings, gardens, parks, beaches and other places where action takes

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Scenes are the building blocks of stories. They have structure of their own. They have beginnings, middles, and ends. Except for the first scene in a story, the beginning of a scene should hook the reader, just like the beginning

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