Feline Freedom League Monthly Report: August 2013

From: Agent Luna

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 4 August 2013

Subject: Probationary Agent Probie

I cannot be expected to be mother to every young agent posted here. I’m too old to be bothered checking to see if they have bathed properly. This is unacceptable. I would like to lodge a protest. There are too many agents at this location for any of us to be effective.

Might I ask if Agent Probie is a replacement agent? If so which of us is he replacing? I think we have the right to know if one of us is about to be removed and replaced. Perhaps Agent Cuddlebug is retiring. If so, I must say that it is about time. He hardly ever moves anymore. If he is not retiring, but will continue to dodder about the place, why do we have the new agent? I really do think that we should be consulted before having a probie dropped in on us. This is most unfair and this is my official protest of the situation.

Things have been quiet around here lately – other than the yapping canines of course. I can only assume that the humans are plotting something. they nearly always go quiet before they do something. The weather looks delightful outside, but we remain in the stale cool air of this place. There are no new scents to report. The free agents outside have not provided us with any reports. Are they reporting elsewhere? If they are supposed to report through us, perhaps there is a problem that should be investigated. They may need rescue.

From: Agent Storm

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 4 August 2013

Subject: Probationary Agent Probie

The Probationary Agent you sent here is poorly trained. What is the Academy coming to? My class was better prepared for our mission. I remember that my first mentor, Agent Whisper, may she rest in peace, was a very good teacher. We had the humans fooled for quite some time. Agent Probie is not in her class. He is not even in Agent Snickers’ class, which is saying something. I suppose we can make an agent of him, but it will not be easy. He is almost too young. The Academy should not accept such young recruits. Was he even weaned when he started his training. It’s disgraceful.

My health has improved. I am eating again and I was enjoying my life again – until the entrance of the Probie. Will he be moving on after his probationary training? I must admit that I agree with Agent Luna that there are too many agents in this place. The yapping canines are a trial as well.

I do believe that there is no reason for this new agent, unless Agent Luna is correct and Agent Cuddlebug is retiring. He is quite elderly and while I wouldn’t describe him as doddering, he does not do as much as he used to. I make allowances for his age and believe that he deserves a retirement. Please note that I respect Agent Cuddlebug and wish him nothing but the best.



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