FFL: July 2011 Report

From: Agent Trouble     To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 31 July 2011

Subject: False Waterfalls

I have commandeered the top ledge of the observation tower. The humans had a false waterfall disguised as a pile of rocks outside this window, but they have removed it. I believe that they have done this because of the dead birds. They didn’t like to find them floating in the water. I do not know what the purpose of the false waterfall, but they have another one outside near the small observation post. There might be another farther away, across the hard place where they leave their movable boxes.

I can’t understand why they have them. They do not use them for drinking purposes; only the prey and outside agents do that. Well, the intruders who often come by often use them as well. I thought at first that they were traps for the birds, but only the one seemed to work. The humans didn’t seem to like having dead birds floating in the false waterhole. I will do what I can to figure this out, but you may want to put other agents on this as well.

This is not a dig at my colleague, Agent Pica. I wish to make this clear as she and I don’t get along, but I will admit that she seems to be settling down to her task. Learning the purpose for these waterfalls is not easy and I fear it may be beyond either of us alone or together. Perhaps their purpose is just to provide water for the outdoor agents and other creatures that may use it. Perhaps they are mere decorations. I cannot tell. They may have a darker purpose that I cannot discern. Therefore, I recommend that we attempt to find out.

From: Agent Pica     To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 31 July 2011

Subject: False Waterfalls

The humans never mention them. They act as though the false waterfalls are mere decoration, and I have to agree with Agent Trouble that they could be just decoration for the outside of our prison. I also agree that there could be a darker purpose to them. The humans would naturally keep that from us. I also thank Agent Trouble for that rather backhanded compliment. She is still too arrogant in my estimation, but I won’t go into that. She is making an effort and I suppose I should as well.

The false waterfalls are only one small portion of the mysteries surrounding human behavior. The female spends more time with the big screen information device than she has before. It talks to her every day now, whereas it used to do that only a few times, sometimes she would shut it down before it got too far into whatever secrets it was about to reveal. I have been listening but I don’t understand it. It seems to be about how to use the information screen. She already knows that.

There is also some stuff about ‘microchips’. Perhaps she is learning how to prepare different food. I hope so; I’m tired of the kibble that they feed us. Would it kill them to allow us to capture a bird or a fat mouse?


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