Special Report: 26 October 2010

Agent Luna

I have suspected that the stiff creature that lurks between the moving picture thing and the observation post is, in fact, a cleverly disguised spy camera. The jailor called it a rocking horse, but I knew what it was. I was determined to eliminate the threat posed by the strange thing. It had eyes and ears but was not alive. That is how I determined that it was spy equipment. I climbed onto the top level of the observation post and, at great personal risk, pretended to roll around on the narrow platform. When I determined that no one was watching, I dropped down on the spy unit, destroying it.

The female jailor, after determining that I was unharmed, removed the unit to the jailor’s food preparation room. The male jailor said something about repair and glue, but they have done nothing to date. I have eliminated the threat. Of course, my esteemed colleagues did nothing to thwart the spying that has gone on through that odd device. They left it to me.

Agent Trouble

I don’t, now and never have, believed that thing was a spy unit. I think it was a mere decoration. I think that Agent Luna broke it when she fell off the observation post due to clumsiness. She has fallen off it before and she will likely do so again because she simply can’t sit still. She is lucky the jailors didn’t punish her. She is putting on airs again. I do not think that she is the right cat for placement in this kind of post, which requires a more delicate touch. Perhaps you should consider reassigning her to a desk at headquarters.

Agent Storm

I am afraid that I must agree with Agent Trouble’s assessment of the object. I think it was only a decoration. Its destruction dismayed the jailors, but they were not angry, nor did they seek to replace it. I believe they would have replaced it as quickly as possible if it had truly been a spy device, as Agent Luna claims. While I do not think that Agent Luna is best suited to a desk at headquarters, I do agree that she may need some additional training in how to sit still in high places. Perhaps she should return to the Academy for further stalking training, as she seems to have lost what training she picked up while she was there.

Agent Pica

I did examine the pieces of the object while the jailors were not in their food preparation room. I had to be careful that the jailors didn’t catch me on the higher surfaces, which are off limits; they only allowed us on the floor. I have determined that the thing posed no threat and I believe Agent Luna made the claim that the object was a spy unit in an attempt at covering her clumsiness. The object in question was an inoffensive decorative piece. I thought it has quite a nice little thing if a bit prima five. I remember that it had some nice smells when it first arrived.



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