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Moonbeam Merlin and Murder

MoonbeamShadowchaser is a student at the University of Magick studying for midtermswhen she gets tapped for an important errand. With threats of expulsion overher head, she reluctantly heads west to awaken the old soul of Merlin theEnchanter. When Merlin falls

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Moonbeam, Merlin and Murder

Moonbeam Shadowchaser is studying for midterms when she receives an urgent message from her grandmother, she finds that she has been chosen to Awaken Merlin’s Old Soul, residing in a young actor in California. She arrives to find him shooting

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Feline Freedom League February 2018 Report

From: Agent Cuddlebug To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ Date: February 04, 2018 Subject: Mission Report I took Agent Probie aside and tried to explain that Agent Melody is here to replace Agent Storm. I much rather she was here to replace me and

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Exercising Your Characters

If you want believable characters they need to do something that has nothing to do with the action of the story. A good thing to have them do is exercise. Have them walk or run, go to the gym, yoga

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Feline Freedom League Mission Report November 2017

From: Agent Molly To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 5 November 2017 Subject: Mission Report Things have returned to normal around here. The humans have stopped that odd barking they were doing. The female is doing her stretches again. They continue to

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Using Floor Plans

In addition to mapping my locations, giving my characters streets to travel on, I also map their homes, places of business and so on. I use floor plans that I have found on the internet. I have a collection of

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Feline Freedom League May 2017

From: Agent Probie To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 7 May 2017 Subject: Mission Report The younger female has returned. I still do not know where she was, but I do not think that she was interrogated or anything like that. I

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