Feline Freedom League April 2023

From: Agent Zoe
To: Mr. Whiskers
Date: 2 April 2023
Subject: Mission Report
I cannot express the anger I have toward the betrayer. He swore an oath and he broke it.
He left the clowder to live a solo life outside. I hope he gets soaked in the next rain. He had
no right to leave us. He promised.

Agent Probie and Agent Winnie are arguing all the time now. I hadn’t realized how
much of a butter he was. I can’t stand the constant strife. His departure has affected us all.

I am struggling to maintain a professional attitude. I try to pretend that his leaving has had no effect on me, but doubt I have been successful. Lately, I’ve wondered if life will ever return
to normal.

The new habitation is nice, I guess. I can’t get over the loss of territory. We had
everything agreed upon and then the humans ripped us out of our territories. He left. We
have space here, but it’s not our territory. Agent Probie says we must make it our territory.
He’s likely right. We need to agree on territorial borders and we fight over everything. Agent
Probie is not leading us as he should. I’m trying to see things from his point of view, but I
find it quite difficult. He does nothing to help either.

I can’t believe an agent would put in a for a transfer the way he did. I won’t name him.
The betrayal strikes so deep. I have seen Agent Probie try to leave the habitation. He is
thwarted at all attempts. At first, I wondered if he wasn’t trying to escape this situation, but
then I realized he was attempting to retrieve information. I think he won’t succeed in that.
The recent escape has made them jittery and on high alert. It isn’t on and I think he needs to
accept that.

I have begun to wonder if I need to talk through my anger to someone. I can’t talk
about it to either Agent Probie or Agent Winnie. I suspect they are in need of someone to
talk to as well. I can’t do it for them. I admit it. The betrayal is too fresh. I want to believe
things will get better, but I honestly don’t believe it will. I was reading in the manual about
the benefits available to me as an Agent. I would respectfully like to request a one on one
session with a therapist so I can rid myself of this feeling of anger and helplessness. Could
you set me up with a therapist. I will be able to talk online with one, if that’s all that can be
done. I don’t need a therapist to come here in person. I am quite aware the cost of such a
thing would be prohibitive. So if I could have face to face time with a therapist online, I can
only believe it would help me. I don’t like feeling this angry. I appreciate the benefit. I know
I need someone to help me through this. Then I can work with my colleagues and make this
new habitation work. Please let me know soon if this is feasible.

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