Feline Freedom League October Report

From: Agent Probie
To: Mr. Whiskers
Date: 2 October 2022
Subject: Mission Report
Thank you for the vote of confidence and the updated training materials. I wish I could say Agent Zoe accepted your decision right away, but it took a couple of weeks before she came around. Agent Winnie may have spoken to her. He didn’t tell me he’d done so, but that may be what happened.
It doesn’t matter. I won’t press the issue. I did show them both the schedule I’d finished. Agent Winnie said it was good. Agent Zoe pointed out a few places where she thought it could be better. To accommodate her concerns, I asked them both to follow the schedule as written. I also promised I would see how well I can incorporate Agent Zoe’s suggestions. That is, the suggestions I figure are the best. I have to admit not every one of them were usable.. But, I do realize she provided them in the interest of conciliation. I will accept as many as turn out to be practical. It could be one I thought wasn’t good enough is better than I thought. After all, I am new to this.

She was fine with that and we are going to be a much more effective team going forward. We should get better intelligence for you soon.

I have been doing the required due diligence the training says I must do. I am doing well with my planning. The schedule is working well. I went with the schedule changes suggested by both Agents Winnie and Zoe. Asking their input includes them in the planning which in turn makes us a stronger team. This method of leadership is going to work well.

As I wrote that, I realized that was the way Agent Storm worked. I’m proud to say I knew him. He had a lot of influence on me as he was the leader of the clowder when I joined it. He was also the best Senior Agent in my very humble opinion.

I wish to ask that he be somehow honored posthumously as one of our great leaders. Would that be appropriate? I would not wish to downplay the contributions of Agents Cuddlebug and Smudge. But Agent Storm was a marvelous teacher and it is in that capacity, I would see him honored. Please tell me if you think that a good idea. He was the best teacher a probationary agent could have had. He made me the agent I am today and I owe him a debt of gratitude.

In any case, we are going to be the best covert team in the League bar none. We are going to learn as much about the humans’ plans for us as we can. We will also do what we can to neutralize their plans as we can. I’m developing plans to do so even as I write this report. My team will do whatever we need to to thwart the humans’ plans for us. You can count on that. We are felines and no one will dominate us.

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