Feline Freedom League March 2019

From: Agent Probie
To: Mr. Whiskers
Date: 3 March 2019
Subject: First Report of 2019
Things have begun disappearing. They are definitely moving dens. I’m not certain how much longer we will be able to report from this location. The humans are truly getting things together. The cardboard toys are full of things and other things are disappearing. I am not certain how this is going to work. I will do my best to keep headquarters apprised of the humans’ activity. I miss Agent Cuddlebug. He made the last den move easier. Agent Melody’s abrupt resignation was likely due to the upheaval in this place. I tried to tell her the upheaval was temporary, but she made a break for it anyway. Now I feel bad about how I treated her when she arrived.

Larger objects are disappearing from this place as well. I do not know where they went. I can only assume they have gone to the new den. I will attempt to find out where that is. Unlike Agent Mulder, I believe the humans plan to take us to the new den with them. I admit I do not have a solid reason why I believe that except that is what they did when they moved dens in the past. Now I realize that the past is not always a good indicator of the future, but I still think we will go to the new den with the humans. All we can do is wait and see what transpires. Either we will go with the humans or we will stay here. I suppose they might move us to a different den with different humans, but only time will tell.

The conference went well in my opinion. Agent Molly is dark. That’s all I could see when they brought her through in a cage. I cannot believe they put her in a cage. That’s reprehensible. There wasn’t much room in the cage, but she said they did have another one that was somewhat larger. She further stated they transferred her to it and kept her confined. She had fresh water daily and access to a litter box. It wasn’t her own litter box, but she was the only one to use it. I think that actually means it was her litter box, but I also believe I understood her to mean it wasn’t the one she normally used on a day to day basis.

She also said the water dish was smaller than the one at her usual station. She said she was comfortable enough, but they sprayed something on the cage that seemed to make her feel relaxed. I am uncomfortable knowing humans can do that. She said they forced a pill down her when they started the trips. She doesn’t recall them asking her anything and swears she said nothing but got very sleepy instead.
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