Feline Freedom League: July 2018 Mission Report

From:   Molly
To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ
Date: July 01, 2018
Subject: Mission Report

I am not pleased to report difficulties in recruiting Patch and Little One. Chipmunk brings us messages from each other without issue. He does this in return for our protection. We chase off the birds that attack him. That is his reward for assistance. He has been doing good work. The negotiations were going well, when suddenly Patch sent a message that he and Little One were not sure that joining the League was a good idea for them.

I immediately sent a reply that the League has retirement options and benefits. Patch replied that the risk was great. It seems his concern was for his young apprentice. He feels that Little One is too young for such a risk as our observations can make things dangerous for him. I tried to reassure him that the risk wasn’t as great as he believed, but he was unsure. He said that he would have to consider it carefully before getting involved in the process. I did my best to convince him to think about it.

Little One then sent a message. He wants to join the League. I believe that he sent the message behind the back of Patch. I’m not sure that I should accept his recruitment as he is doing this behind Patch’s back. I need to send a message that the League respects the feelings and input from the individual agents that make the reports. I sent a message to Patch telling him about Little One’s request to join. I explained that, as Little One’s guardian, he had to approve the request. I further explained that the League would not take the youngster on as agent without the approval of the kitten’s guardian.

He sent a message back that he appreciated the information, but Little One had confessed that he’d sent the message. He thanked me for my message and said that he and Little One would talk and get back to me. I am still waiting for their answer.

My humans are behaving oddly. The female no longer goes down to the cold place where the litter box is, every day. Now she spends long hours in the room where she sleeps and does not sleep. I have tried to determine what she is doing. She talks to no one. I don’t understand, but I am trying to learn more about it. She also sleeps later in the mornings. She goes to sleep later as well. She says that her hours have changed. I’m not sure what that means, but she sits there for several hours with things covering her ears. I’m not sure what they are.

I will continue my efforts to learn what she is doing when she says she is working. I will also continue my efforts to recruit Patch and Little One to the League. I firmly believe in our mission to learn as much about the humans and what they plan for felinekind. I will include any further information I gather in my next report.

From:   Mr. Whiskers
To:   All Agents
Date: July 01, 2018
Subject: Mission Report

You must determine what the canine is there for. We have had no Intel on anything big going down with the canines. We hadn’t believed they were organized into anything larger than a pack. They have given no sign of running surveillance as we do. This is something that must be investigated.

Her claim that she is here to be of assistance to the younger female is troubling. We cannot afford to let the canines form a true alliance with the humans. Do whatever it takes to break off any alliance that appears to be forming.


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