Feline Freedom League Mission Report November 2017

From: Agent Molly To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 5 November 2017
Subject: Mission Report

Things have returned to normal around here. The humans have stopped that odd barking they were doing. The female is doing her stretches again. They continue to show me nothing but kindness. I can’t help but think that they mean it. The male shouts at me on occasion, something about not sharpening my claws on his chair or the rug.

The female no longer leaves every day and spends much time in the cave below this place. She has taken one of the nice places to sleep, the covered one, down there so I have a place to curl up should I choose to do so. I do not think that she intends to trap me in there, but I am wary.

She wears a device on her head and talks a lot, but she doesn’t seem to be talking to me. I am not certain that we need to be concerned about this. I do not think she is going insane. I think that the device she wears on her head is a communication device as it covers her ears and has a stick that is near her mouth. I have never seen such a thing before, although I do recall one such device that she wore last warm time that only covered one ear. Perhaps this is a new version of it. I will investigate it further and report on my findings.

From: Mr.Whiskers To: All Agents Date: 5 November 2017
Subject: Mission Report

Agent Cuddlebug is to be commended for his attempts to reconcile agents Probie and Skittlebutt. Agent Cuddlebug has been awarded the Silver Paw medal for his work in forging teamwork between Agent Probie and Agent Skittlebutt. Both of those agents were nearing the mark where they were to be awarded demerits for their inability to work through their differences.

Agent Mulder, please desist. We have determined that there was no sinister purpose to the brief disappearance of the younger female. Perhaps we need to send you a counselor to assist you with your need to know where she was. I point out that this will not look good on your record, but we are concerned for your mental well-being. While I do not think that you should be disciplined, I do believe that counseling might be in order. There is no shame in requiring counseling but it is the kind of thing that follows a cat. If you need help to overcome this compulsion you appear to have, please do not hesitate to ask.

Agent Storm’s death is a tragedy. It was kind of Agent Mulder to provide a link where agents can donate to the benefit of all animals. I will repost the link here. Any size donation will help the cause of animals all over the world. Agent Storm will be missed.

All agents are to continue their duties to the best of their ability. Team W has a probationary agent arriving soon. Agent Melody will join that team and make her first report in March, which will give her time to settle into her new location. Agent Skittlebutt is designated her mentor. No further new agents will be assigned to any other location.

Michigan Humane Society: Somebody here needs you.



I am not one who is comfortable talking about myself but here goes. I enjoy writing, family history, and reading. I decided to do this blog because I wanted to try something new. I decided to make it a weekly blog because I wasn't sure that I could keep up with a daily one, and monthly seemed like I was writing a magazine. I think I did ok with my choices. You'll notice that there are not a lot of graphics on my site. That's because there are graphics plastered everywhere on the Internet and those sites sometimes take forever to load. This blog is a place where you can kick back, relax and be ready to be amused. At least I hope I willbamuse you. This blog is on a variety of subjects from my ficitional cat agency, the FFL, which is monthly, to instructional blogs to editorials, which are my opinions only. I admit that I don't know everything and could be wrong -- I frequently am. Now, stop reading about me and read what I have to say!

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