Feline Freedom League September 2014

From: Agent Pica To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 7 September 2014
Subject: Mission Report September 2014

I can’t help being frightened of the noise. It’s loud and scary. I just don’t like storms. I had a bad experience when I was younger and I don’t want to discuss it. Suffice to say that there have been a lot of storms recently and I confess that I took cover. Agent Trouble was no help at all. She refused to take cover. I think she’s starting to dodder. It’s only prudent to take cover from storms, you know. They can be dangerous. Agent Trouble would do well to remember that. She needn’t laugh at me for taking precautions.

The humans aren’t much better. When the lights went out and it got quiet, they left us to fend for ourselves, trapped here in this place. There was nowhere to go. They came back to rest in the night, but left again the next morning. the male left first, most likely he simply went where he always goes when he leaves that early in the morning the female packed up her magic window and left soon after. She didn’t return until after the lights and sounds came back. this place has been normal ever since, but I am unhappy with how we were abandoned. It isn’t like the time they were gone and this happened. They came back and this place was silent and dark. They were concerned, but not unduly so.

I feel that Agent Trouble could at least try to be supportive. I can’t help running for cover at the first sound of the noise that comes with the water from the sky.


From: Agent Trouble To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 7 September 2014
Subject: Mission Report September 2014

Agent Pica is frightened. That’s all there is to it. the noise doesn’t bother me and it never will. It has never hurt me before and I sincerely doubt that it ever will. That’s all there is to say about that. As for them abandoning us when this place went silent and dark, well it was easier to do some snooping. It’s always easier when they are not around.

Unfortunately, the magic screens didn’t work and this puzzles me. There is some sort of association with the storm noises and the everyday noises of this place and the lights that are always on. I haven’t quite figured out the connection yet, but I will. The noisy storms don’t always shut off the lights and sounds that normally fill this place, but they have done so. Once in a while, the lights and sounds just stop, and there is no noisy storm outside.

I confess that I am always glad I am captive when the water drops from the sky. I think it would be vastly uncomfortable to become drenched and cold outside when that happens. Agent Pica needs to get over her fear of the noises. They can’t hurt her, after all. She should realize that. That said, if ordered by headquarters, I will try to be more supportive. Just tell me how to do that and I will give it my best to follow through.

Michigan Humane Society: Somebody here needs you.

The Animal Rescue Site

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