Feline Freedom League Mission Report for January 2014

From: Agent Trouble__ To: Mr. Whiskers______ Date: 5 January 2014_
Subject: Mission Report________________________________________

They moved furniture around and I don’t like it. the smaller observation post is gone. They took it out and replaced it with a table. I am allowed on that table, but the female human sits by the box she uses every morning and that is right next to the table. I will see if I can discover where the smaller observation post went. It was situated to close to the larger one, but I can’t see that being an issue, yet I can’t shake the feeling that the closeness of the two posts was a factor in the smaller one’s disappearance.

The unnatural trees are gone. We had three this year. I investigated beneath the largest one, as I do every year, but I am not certain of the purpose of bringing it in. I also can’t determine why it goes round and round. I can’t even figure out how it goes round and round. The round thing that it stands in makes noises as the tree moves, which could be how it moves, but it is a mystery to me. Pica still begs for the vile stuff that the female presents to her every day. The female calls it yogurt, but I think it could something addictive.

They also gave me a paper bag that was permeated with catnip. I couldn’t help myself. Catnip is the most addictive drug in the world. I was unable to resist its allure and thus was sleeping it off when they did things that I am sure I should not have missed them doing. I am ashamed of my weakness.

From: Agent Pica_______ To: Mr. Whiskers______ Date: 5 January 2014_
Subject: Mission Report____________________________________________

I enjoy yogurt. It has no real effect on me, so if it is a drug as Agent Trouble alleges, then it is not very effective. It does nothing to my faculties. I’m still as sharp an agent as always. Agent Trouble is only venting because she gets it when she asks for it and then she doesn’t like it.

Agent Trouble has already informed you of the loss of the smaller observation post. I don’t see the concern as it was too close to the larger one and we never used it. The female is always here, except once or twice a week when she leaves with the male. Sometimes she is gone for hours others, not as long.

She still sits in the large room at the front of this place. She sometimes faces the single version of the magic screen. Then she moves to sit with her back to that one and faces the double magic screens. That’s when the ringing happens. She will talk to people who are not there. I don’t know what a help desk is, but she states that she is on it. She’s on a chair. I think we should find out what this means as soon as we can as this could be important. To that end, I will try to discover what a help desk is and what it may mean for our cause.

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