FFL December Report

From: Agent Mulder To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 9 December 2012

Subject: The Human Female’s Interrogation

The older female smells as though she went for interrogation. She was gone for a while and came back smelling like an interrogation. She spent a lot of time in the observation room with the younger female. She seemed exhausted by the interrogation, much like Agent Storm was after his interrogation. However, there was one difference, a stranger came and fussed over her. I think it was an interrogation assistant, who demanded that she return for more interrogation. She was gone again for a while. She returned here from her second interrogation. It took some time, but she has finally lost that interrogation stench. I do not understand why they interrogated her. We are the prisoners, trapped here with those wretched canines.

The interrogation assistant was here again. They are keeping a close watch on her. I do not know why – she doesn’t look as though she would get far if she tried to run. She acts as though she were in pain. She moves slowly and carefully. The interrogation assistant forces her to move in ways that clearly hurt her. Why would they do that? Why don’t’ the human male and the younger female overpower the interrogation assistant? I suspect they fear reprisal if they acted.

Could someone check into the possibility that our human jailers are in fact fellow prisoners? They have the freedom to come and go, but it seems regulated. Perhaps invisible guards monitor or even escort them to their interrogations. Is that a possibility? Should I investigate this possibility further? Please advise.

From: Agent Smudge To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 9 December 2012

Subject: The Human Female’s Interrogation

While the human female did smell of interrogation, and was gone for a while, I’m not convinced that anyone really interrogated her. However, I do believe that we should leave that possibility open. I believe that she went to the Vet for a different reason. My reasoning is as follows. She knew it was coming and did not try to escape it. She always seemed to be in pain, which is not new. However, this time she seems to be in more pain. I suspect that she went to the Vet to get rid of her old pain, but something went wrong. She is clearly in more pain now than she was when she went to the Vet. Agent Storm was ill when he went for interrogation, he is much better now. It is possible that his illness was cured while he was interrogated. I believe the Vet may have simply tried to heal the human female.

I do recognize that I could be wrong about this. I know that we are not able to learn much about the interrogations that we undergo, and that is a failing on us. We usually go one at a time when if we went in pairs, one agent could report on the proceedings while the other was undergoing the interrogations. I believe this to be the reason the humans take us one at a time. They do not want us to know what they are after.


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