Colonizing the Moon and Mars

The real, underlying problem we are facing in the area of world peace is simply that there are too many of us for this world to support. We are stretching our resources far too thin. More and more people are being forced into the fringe habitat. Then we adapt the fringe to our needs, which lowers the reserves for everyone.

Sex is too powerful an urge for anyone to legislate it out of existence, besides we will need to have a next generation, we just need the next generation and each succeeding generation to be smaller and smaller. I don’t see that happening. The other alternative is to start killing off the elderly and thinning the herd at the young level. Remove the weak and infirm and improve the stock. I don’t see that happening either.

The next solution is to send people to Mars to colonize. Of course, there are perils in that type of expedition. It would be a one-way trip. There would be the dangers involved in actually getting there, the dangers in living there. We don’t even know if we can live there, really. We are only guessing about that. Until we can extract water from the soil of Mars and get a food crop to grow in the soil of Mars, we are only guessing that we can live there.

Still, think about what an exciting opportunity it would be to go and colonize another world. We are still making baby steps and the president wants to go to Mars, but he has eliminated an important step in that process. We need to put people on the Moon on a regular basis, something like the ISS, because a rocket to Mars would be easier to build and launch from the Moon than from Earth. The Moon’s gravity is less, so it would take less fuel to lift off from there than on earth. Skipping a permanent base on the moon is like skipping the bottom half of the ladder. I suppose it would be possible but why would you do that? It would take a lot of effort to skip the bottom half of the ladder to reach the top. The bottom half is there, it makes no sense not to use it.

Then there is the danger. Once in flight to Mars, there would be no rescue if something went wrong. At least the Moon is a little closer to Earth and therefore, theoretically, a bit closer to help if it is needed. I’m not really sure about that though. We would need to have a full staff of medical personnel on the Moon, and on the spacecraft to Mars. Two doctors and a couple of nurses would definitely be required for both expeditions. The Moon could teach us what we would need for a trip to Mars, especially since anyone going to Mars would be unlikely to return. They would be colonizing the red planet, no matter what anyone says.


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