Feline Freedom League April 2021 Mission Report

From: Agent Zoe
To: Mr. Whiskers
Date: 3 April 2022
Subject: Mission Report

I came across Agent Probie who was intent on something. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was working on a duty schedule. I told him he wasn’t Senior Agent. He pointed out that our clowder didn’t have either a Clowder Leader or a Senior Agent. I was appalled to realize he was right. He then told me that since we didn’t have one, he’d taken steps to be named Senior Agent. I went to Agent Winnie to ask his opinion. He was messing with the old reports and seemed annoyed at being interrupted.

I told him what Agent Probie was doing and he just said someone had to do it. I told him he should be named Senior Agent. He said Agent Probie was eldest and had the most experience. He didn’t seem to have a problem with it. I went back to Agent Probie and demanded to see the directive that gave him the authority.

He didn’t have one. He said he’d asked to be appointed. I hereby request that you appoint Agent Winnie as Senior Agent because he is the most stable agent in our location. I don’t believe that Agent Probie is the right choice for the promotion.

I can’t believe Agent Winnie is fine with this usurpation. He will never get ahead with that attitude. I told him so and he asked me to leave him out of this. Then he said he was fine with his position. What kind of cat has no ambition. I stand by my request that Agent Winnie be promoted to Senior Agent.

I have not been neglecting my duties by looking into this Senior Agent business. I am still making my rounds as required by regulations. I do not want to be accused of shirking my duties. Agent Winnie is spending too much time with those dusty old reports. Agent Probie is still bossing me around when he doesn’t have the authority. I am lodging an official complaint of it. He is not Senior Agent and shouldn’t be assuming he is.

I am of the opinion that a Senior Agent should be named as quickly as possible. In my opinion, Agent Winnie would be the best cat for the position. I don’t care what he says. He is the best cat for the job. Agent Probie is too bossy. He needs to understand that Agent Winnie should be Senior Agent.

I will continue to campaign for Agent Winnie to be Senior Agent and, yes, he should be Clowder Leader as well. I see leadership potential in Agent Winnie. I would like to see him as the Senior Agent rather than Agent Probie. Please make your decision as soon as possible and communicate it to us.

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