Feline Freedom League March 2022 Report

From: Agent Winnie
To: Mr. Whiskers
Date: 6 March 2022
Subject: Mission Report

I have undertaken the task of gathering our clowder’s copies of the reports we have sent to headquarters. I have decided they need to be organized. My first inclination was to do so by date, but that still leaves them a bit tangled. So I have begun organizing by date and agent. That seems to make the work go a little smoother. My plan is to create an index to the reports so, should we need to refer to them, we will be able to do so without much effort. I am finding it interesting work.

It is also slow work as I find that I am reading some of the reports from the agents who are no longer with us. I have found some that I haven’t even met. Agent Milo sounds as though he was a conscientious agent and I regret never having the opportunity to meet and learn from him. Agent Luna sounds to me as though she was a motherly type person despite her complaints. They make reference to living briefly with a different clowder. There is no explanation for that sojourn, but I suspect the humans were trying to split our clowder for some nefarious reason. I am resigned to never knowing as the reports do not say. The process may seem tedious, but I must also add that it is peaceful as well. Needless to say, that no matter how long it takes me to organize the reports, I will continue and report on my progress as often as time permits.

There is one note of complaint I must make, Agent Zoe keeps coming to me to complain that Agent Probie has assumed the Senior Agent duties. I have tried pointing out that he has the most seniority of us here, but she feels, for some reason that I should be Senior Agent. I don’t know why. I will accept the post if it is offered, but I believe Agent Probie has more experience. Agent Zoe doesn’t accept that. I, hereby, offer my opinion that headquarters name Agent Probie as Senior Agent as soon as possible to avert the political infighting I suspect is coming.

I also want to state for the record, that I believe Agent Probie should also be Clowder Leader as he is the eldest of us. In my opinion, the Senior Agent should be the Clowder Leader as they are similar positions and it would just be so much easier if one cat performed both functions. I believe if that were not the case, we would be mired in meetings that tell us the same things.

I have tried to explain that to Agent Zoe, but she will have none of it. I am not certain, but I believe she has taken it personally. I am sure that is not what Agent Probie intended. We needed someone to take those roles and he did so. I do not fault him for that. I urge you to make your decision known to us soon.

From: Agent Skittlebutt
To: Mr. Whiskers
Date: 6 March 2022
Subject: Mission Report

The mission went well. I was exposed to the elements for several lights and darks, but I eventually made contact with Agent Crispin and delivered the emergency supplies. He now has what he needs. I must say while I enjoyed being out of doors while it was warm, I find I much prefer being indoors when the weather turned colder. The wet that fell from the sky was also uncomfortable. I didn’t enjoy that much. However, I have returned and and will take up my duties once more. I will make my reports as required with Agent Winnie’s reports for the foreseeable future.

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