Feline Freedom League April 2021

From: Agent Zoe

Mr. Whiskers

4 April, 2021

Mission Report April 2021

I have developed a plan to help Agent Skittlebutt. He is missing a foreleg and needs help to do his job. Agent Probie told me not to jump in and help him, which is inexcusable. He said Agent Skittlebutt wouldn’t like it. He went on to tell me that Agent Skittlebutt is sensitive about his disability which is nonsense. I’m sure he is just embarrassed and will be grateful for my help. I am eager to assist him in any way that I can. How could he not be grateful for help? I have so many ideas on how he can do his job despite his disabilities. I am going to present them to him as soon as he lets me.

I will admit, that he doesn’t seem all that enthused and I can’t think why. This is so confusing. I want to help, why won’t he let me? I have so many ideas and he just brushes them off. Agent Probie is no help. He is hanging around the canines trying to get them to agree to an alliance with us. Like that would ever happen. He is delusional in my opinion. All he says is that I need to back off and leave Agent Skittlebutt alone. What help would I be if I did that? What a ridiculous notion. Agent Skittlebutt needs and deserves all the help he can get. I will do what I can to ease his burden. It’s just what any decent cat would do.

I am going to redouble my efforts to do what I can for him. He may be a grouch and a trifle ungrateful, but I will persevere. He needs me and I will be there for him, whether he wants it or not. He only has three legs and so no one should expect him to do what an able-bodied cat can do. I will be the best assistant any cat could have. He will soon wonder how he got along without me. I’m sure of it.

I am certain I have found my calling, to help Agent Skittlebutt with his duties. Of course, I am careful to complete my own set of duties. No one can complain that I’m shirking my duties. Anyway, I’m sure he will be less grouchy once he realizes how much help I can be. He mumbles at me but I know deep down he appreciates my efforts. I’m going to make his life so much easier. There isn’t any reason for him to worry on that score. I have it all covered. All he has to do is trust me and I will be his helper. He needs help, that’s obvious. I am faster than he is and get to his observation areas before him to make the hourly observations which are his responsibility. I report to him so he can report to headquarters. It’s a good system. That’s how it will be going forward. He’ll come to appreciate the help I give him. He has to.

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