To Outline Or Not To Outline

From: Agent Skittlebutt
To: Mr. Whiskers
Date: 4 August 2019
Subject: Second Report of 2019
Agent Probie tried to move on my territory, but I defended it. He acted as though he had claimed it first. I didn’t let him bully me though. We didn’t exchange anything but words. He is nervy for even trying to muscle in on my new territory. His behavior isn’t faire to me.

Agent Probie has a territory. He doesn’t need to enlarge it by encroaching on mine. I may need to get physical with him to make him back off. I will do so if he pushes me any further. He will stay within his own territory. If he wanted more territory, he should have claimed more – on the other side of his. He shouldn’t be allowed to claim more at my expense and I told him that. I will prevail here though. See if I don’t.

The pond really smells vile. I can’t figure out why the humans would wish to go near it but they actually get in it and move around. They call it swimming. The younger female seems to consider it therapeutic, but I don’t see how it could be. It’s disgusting.

I’m nowhere nearer to identifying the liquid. I believe the main portion of it is water, but I have been unable to identify the sharper smells coming from it. It seems familiar, but why would they put cleanser in a pond? It doesn’t make sense. I will continue to try to learn what is actually in the pond and report on it later.

I must admit that the atmosphere of fear is fading. I think the entire clowder was scared of the future. I know I feared being left because of my missing leg. They brought us all, except the agent who resigned. I miss her, but I’m settling in here. I think we will be fine. We just have to get through this period of fussing.

The humans have unpacked the things they put in the cardboard shelters, but took the shelters away. I do not think that was fair of them. We could have had much amusement hiding in them. I guess the humans didn’t like that we were able to hide from them. There’s little cover outside this place. I am not sure the courier agents will be able to reach us. I can only hope that darkness will cover their activities.

I have finally learned the liquid in the pond is water. It appears to be contaminated with a substance the humans call chlorine. I gather the stuff is there to prevents something called algae from growing. I’m not sure what algae is, but I believe it to be some sort of plant. Whatever it is, it has rendered the water undrinkable.

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