Feline Freedom League Mission Report July 2019

From: Agent Probie

  Mr. Whiskers

7 July, 2019

Second Report of 2019

The humans bundled me into one of those portable cages and taken to the new den. It didn’t take long to get there so I think we are near our former den. I think the new canine whose name is Akili, I don’t know if I reported that or not. I must admit that I may look as though I am fraternizing, but I have been attempting to ingratiate myself with the canines to learn their plans. They may be planning something and may even be the reason for the move. To learn that, I must pretend to befriend them. So if headquarters gets a report that I am fraternizing, the report can be disregarded as I am very good at getting canines to believe what I tell them. Of course, that’s not really difficult.

I have staked out some territory, but there is conflict. everyone is scrambling to claim and hold territory. I have decided to establish some alliances with other members of my clowder. Agent Smudge has already claimed prime territory. I am in a dispute with Agent Skittlebutt but hope to be victorious in my quest for territory.

I really hate this squabbling for territory. I am angry that we had to leave our previous den because I had some good territory there. I resent having to edge out my clowder mates for territory. I do not feel this is good for us, but the canines seem to feel that they are getting a good deal here. I will do my best to counter any canine plans I learn about. Please advise if there is anything else you want to know from me.
I’m sorry if I am taking my frustrations out on my fellow agents, but I hate the process of obtaining territory. I think fighting is not the way to do it. I know it’s against regulations, but felines have been fighting for territory for thousands of years and it is in our nature, our very souls.

Tensions are very high here. I don’t think headquarters has any idea of what we are going through. Between the loss of key agents and the den move we are not a cohesive clowder. I think we need a break from each other. The humans don’t even seem to understand. They have taken Agent Smudge for interrogation a number of times. Now they give him special food. I don’t believe he has broken, but he is getting special food. This cannot be good. I am not sure how to counteract the tension, but I think it is something we agents must work through.

To that end, I have approached Agent Smudge to ask his assistance in my claim to this territory. Under the guise of that, I will try to learn whether he has given anything up to the humans or not. I am concerned. I had thought Agent Smudge to be impervious to interrogation. Perhaps he did not succumb, but he is getting special food. I will have to look into this. I don’t mean to make it seem Agent Smudge is collaborating with the humans, he may just be using devious means to gather information. I hope that is the case.

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