Feline Freedom League Mission Report May 2019

From: Agent Molly

  Mr. Whiskers

5 May, 2019

Second Report of 2019
I have recovered from the trip to the conference. I confess I did not enjoy the trip although meeting the other agents was interesting.

During our conference, I was aware of some sort of conference among the humans. I feel this may warrant further investigation as it could be signaling more action against felinekind. I think all agents should be aware of this.

I seem to have adjusted to the food intake as I don’t seem to be as hungry as I was before. The human female calls it a diet. She kept telling me I must get used to less food as I was overweight. She claimed to be in the same situation.

I have heard more noisy machines. The humans were definitely piling the white stuff to the side. I believe the white stuff impedes the motion of their shiny boxes.  The humans who reside here often go out for a few minutes and come back in saying they’ve ‘cleared the walk.’ I’m not sure what that means.

Those machines are hard to see through the clear stuff covering the holes. It becomes hard to see through when it gets cold. That hasn’t happened in a while. The noisy things the humans ride on are back though. It definitely seems to be making the grass shorter. I have determined the smaller noisy things the humans wear on their backs blows the shorn ends of the grass around. I have no idea why they do that.
In the warm time, the noises come on a regular basis. I have kept track and the cycle of noises happens every seven lights. I still haven’t worked out the purpose in shortening the grass and blowing the ends around, but I will continue my observations as limited as they are. I do not have a full view of the area around this habitation.

On occasion, unexplainable thumps and bangs come from one of the walls of this place. It sounds larger than a mouse or rat. The humans do not seem concerned. I have gone back over my notes and I believe this place is part of a series of habitations that share the same walls. My working theory is that the thumps and bangs are caused by humans in the habitation next door. There is no pattern to the noises. I will try to prove that theory. As to the noisy machines, I am still trying to figure out why they come around.
I have drawn a tentative conclusion about the noisy machines, though. My current working theory on them is that the humans shorten the grass to eliminate cover. This is to their advantage in that should someone escape, they will have nowhere to hide. This could be the reason for shortening the grass. I’m still developing a theory on why they blow the cut ends around. There doesn’t appear to be any sense related to that.

Is there any news on my new nail post? I do not know how much longer my current one will last.

Help animals by donating to the https://www.michiganhumane.org/support-mhs/ Michigan Humane Society or see what else you can do for animals world wide at World Wildlife Fund


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