Feline Freedom League November 2018


  Mr. Whiskers at HQ


November 04, 2018


Mission Report

Before his death, Agent Cuddlebug took me aside and explained Agent Melody’s presence here to me. I thought Agent Melody was a fully trained agent sent to replace one of the agents here. Agent Cuddlebug said that she is here for training. I asked him if that meant that she will be reassigned. Agent Cuddlebug said that he didn’t know that. He did say that if Agent Melody replaced any of us, it would most likely be him, not anyone else. He said that he’d retired once, already and was certainly ready to retire again. He said that Agent Melody would be his replacement and that I shouldn’t worry. I will endeavor to assist Agent Melody in her training.

I have looked for the reason for the new canine. She spends most of its time with the younger female and I believe that She serves her in some capacity that I have yet to discover. I have asked the three canines that I have befriended to learn what I can from them. They didn’t understand the questions I was asking. They told me the new canine was just there. I asked why but they didn’t seem to know. Clearly, I must come up with another way to find out what the new canine is here to do. I will try to befriend her to learn her secrets. She is large and scary, but I will do my duty and report on my findings in my next report.

  Mr. Whiskers

  Florida Agents


November 04, 2018


Mission Report

I cannot stress enough the concern that we at Headquarters have about your reports of the large canine. We need to know why she is there I think you need to gather more information on the canine. 

I am pleased that Agent Probie has stopped interfering with Agent Melody. They are to get their work done. I am sure that they will become an excellent team.

We must all work together to keep the humans from implementing their nefarious plan, whatever it is. Continue to watch the humans and keep an eye on the canines while you do so. Nip any signs of an alliance in the bud if you can safely do so.
Good luck to all agents.

Help animals by donating to the Michigan Humane Society or see what else you can do for animals world wide at World Wildlife Fund.


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