Feline Freedom League September 2018

From: Smudge

Mr. Whiskers at HQ

September 02, 2018

Quarterly Mission Report

Agent Probie seems to have finally seen that Agent Melody is here to stay. I won’t say that they are friends, but they are not enemies either. Perhaps friendship will come later. I don’t know. Agent Probie and Agent Skittlebutt repaired their friendship. That is good. I wish my friendship with Agent Mulder was in as good a shape, although we are getting along much better. We had a rocky time of it for a while. I’m trying not to be so needy.

The large canine continues to baffle us. She was taken for interrogation, at least she smelled as though she were interrogated. She may have been there receiving orders, and not undergoing interrogation. I am still wary of her. We all are. I will continue my observations and report my findings in my next report.

From:  Skittlebutt

  Mr. Whiskers at HQ

  September 02, 2018

Quarterly Mission Report

I must admit that Agent Cuddlebug was on target when he told me to stand firm with Agent Probie’s behavior. He told me that it was not me who had the problem, but Agent Probie. He also told me that our friendship, if it was truly friendship, would weather this problem. I think he was talking to Probie, but I was not privy to their conversations. I am pleased to state that Agent Probie seems more inclined to leave Agent Melody to the performance of her duties in peace. Things seem to have been resolved in that quarter.

However, I find that the new canine is serious in her determination to guard the younger female. We have been unsuccessful in finding out why she is here. She will not divulge that information. I must admit that I am not certain that the canine is protecting her from us, but she is always with her.
The humans continue to behave as they always have. I can find no clue as to why the new canine is with us. I will continue to investigate, but I suspect that she is here because the humans wanted another captive to worship them. Canines are known to do that. I suspect that we are stuck with the creature and should attempt to get her on our side. The humans may not be planning anything, but I do not believe that to be the case. They may just be waiting for the right moment.

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