Feline Freedom League Mission Report: June 2018

From:  Cuddlebug
To:  Mr. Whiskers at HQ
Date: June 03, 2018
Subject: Mission Report

I have counseled Agent Probie again. He is still having trouble accepting Agent Melody. He has told Agent Skittlebutt that their friendship is over. I have tried to mediate between them, but Agent Probie is very stubborn. I have repeated my counsel to Agent Skittlebutt that he hasn’t really lost a friend, but only temporarily  misplaced him. I am certain that I can get Agent Probie to come around.

The new canine is fitting in well. Despite her size, she ignores us felines for the most part. I have grown used to her presence here. She is the only female canine in this location. The other three canines don’t seem to mind her presence either. They do not understand why she won’t play with him. She says that she has a job to do. She seems rather young for having a job. I suppose that it is commendable that she appears so dedicated to the younger female.

I confess that I am growing tired. I’m old. I admit it. I need to rest more often than required. I would gladly teach Agent Melody my duties so that she can begin relieving me. I have no issues with being a part time agent. If you think that the other agents can split up Agent Storm’s duties among themselves. There is value in a good solid nap. Napping is important when you are old or infirm.

From:  Melody
To:  Mr. Whiskers at HQ
Date: June 03, 2018
Subject: Mission Report

Almost all the felines here have welcomed me warmly. However, Agent Probie seems to think I have some nefarious purpose for being here. Since I hadn’t planned to come here at all, that is untrue. I have tried to explain that to him, but he won’t listen.

Agent Cuddlebug has been talking to him, but I’m not sure if he is helping me or egging Agent Probie on. I suspect he is trying to help me. Since I am not privy to their conversations, I can’t be sure. They look at me while talking, so I know they are talking about me.

Agent Skittlebutt told me that he is supposed to mentor me while I am here. That leads me to ask this question, was this where I was supposed to come all along? I had thought I was supposed to remain with the family with children. I would have liked it there. However, this is a good place too. I would appreciate it if you could clear that up.

My work here is not difficult. Agent Skittlebutt is very helpful with his advice. Agents Smudge, and Mulder have been helpful as well. Agent Cuddlebug sits a lot. He is very old. He told me that he believes that I am here to take up the slack that he has left as a part time agent due to his age.

Unfortunately, soon after I came, this location was invaded by a very large canine. I don’t like her. She is too big. The other felines, including Agent Probie, all agree that she is dangerous. I am not sure that she is a spy, but she is dangerous. I will confess that the canine doesn’t appear vicious, but she is dangerous because she is so big. She could be a spy, but that role could be held by one of the smaller canines in the place, there are three.

All three of the smaller canines could be spies. They are intimidated by the large canine as well. This is where the danger lies. If they become allies, they could do damage to any or all of us. I know that I’m an inexperienced agent, new to this location, but I see that as the main danger. A pack of canines is more dangerous than any single canine. This is something we must prevent. To that end, I suggest that we try to convince the smaller canines that the large canine is a danger to them as well. At this point, I believe that would be easily done. Please advise how you would suggest we proceed to ensure our continued safety.

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