Feline Freedom League May 2018 Mission Report


  Mr. Whiskers at HQ


May 06, 2018


Mission Report

Agent Probie actually had the nerve to take me to task about my relationship with Agent Melody. It is entirely platonic. Agent Probie says she doesn’t belong here, that we can do Agent Storm’s duties in addition to ours, but I take exception to that. Why would she be here, if she didn’t belong here? I told Agent Probie that he should shut up and leave Agent Melody alone. Agent Melody is not happy with the situation, but she is trying to do her duty despite Agent Probie’s animosity. I think he should back off.

He accused me of wanting to mate with Agent Melody. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I respect her. I have no feelings of that nature for her at all. That’s not to say that she is not an attractive feline, but, I don’t know. I just don’t have feelings for her like that. Now that I think about it, I should. Why don’t I have feelings like that for her?

I rather suspect it has something to do with an interrogation I was subjected to as a young cat. I am certain that humans are responsible for my feeling nothing for Agent Melody. I need to investigate this. Are there any study materials for this kind of thing? If so, please send them to me. I am going through the materials you sent me on how to help Agent Storm. I think they will be very helpful. The advice to ask him how I can best help him has been helpful to me. He talks to me. He said having me just listen is very helpful. I am glad that I can do something constructive for someone. I only wish I could help Agent Melody with her conflict with Agent Probie.

That issue is getting out of hand. Both Agent Cuddlebug and Agent Storm have spoken to Agent Probie. I fear he and Agent Skittlebutt could come to blows. If I were a betting cat, and I am not, my kibble would be on Agent Skittlebutt. He’s a scrapper. I think he could take Agent Probie. I’ve tried to talk to Agent Probie as well, using some of the techniques I read about the material you sent me to assist me to help Agent Storm. Agent Probie was not as receptive. He told me to mind my own business.

I don’t think he realizes that his behavior is the business of every cat in this location. He is becoming disruptive and perhaps he should be disciplined. Agent Cuddlebug suggested I let him handle it and I agreed to do that. I will confine my help to working with Agent Storm to overcome his depression. I think that would be a better use of my newly learned skills. Are there any advanced study material I could have so that I could expand my skills to help any of my colleagues who might need help? I would appreciate any and all materials that you send me for study. I find I enjoy the subject. I must hasten to say that I do not let my studies interfere with my duties. I do not shirk.


  Mr. Whiskers at HQ


May 06, 2018


Mission Report

I am still having trouble with Agent Probie. He doesn’t like the fact that I am mentoring Agent Melody. He still thinks she is here to replace him and not Agent Storm. I’ve tried explaining that she is only trying to learn what she needs to in order to take on Agent Storm’s duties. However, he is adamant that she is here to replace him. He argues with her as well. He keeps putting her down even as I am trying to build her up. I am certain that our friendship is over. Agent Cuddlebug says that he believes that the friendship is still good. He says that this is just a blip on the friendship. I can only hope that he is correct. I do not want to lose Agent Probie as a friend. One should do one’s best to keep all the friends that one can.

He did try to counsel Agent Probie, but I don’t think it did any good. I’m still working with Agent Melody and she seems to be ok, but I can tell that Agent Probie is having a negative effect on her. I am counseling her with an eye to improving her self-image which is taking a beating from Agent Probie. I must admit my own mood is not as good as it could be. Agent Probie’s attitude is affecting me as negatively as it is affecting Agent Melody. I think Agent Probie may need a warning from headquarters. I believe that the threat of discipline will be sufficient. I don’t think he should be disciplined as yet. We should give him a chance to improve his attitude on his own. I still think he is just laboring under a misapprehension. He is scared for his position. I am trying to be understanding and supportive of him, but he is making it difficult. I have asked Agents Cuddlebug and Storm to speak with him. I think this situation requires felines with their experience and wisdom.

We still don’t know why the new canine was brought here. She seems to be guarding the younger female and insists she is here to serve her and only her. I can’t think why she feels that she has a job to do, the other three don’t, but she insists that she has the job of watching the younger female and protecting her. She doesn’t say what she is protecting her from. I confess that I am confused. I don’t believe that canine is not right in the head, even for canines. She is very strange.

As for the other humans, they are still around. Neither of them has gone anywhere for longer than a light time. I am certain that everything is normal here. Agent Melody and I will continue our observations of the humans and we will also try to learn more about the new canine. I will present any findings in my next report. Until then, I will continue to work with both Agent Melody and Agent Probie. I hope that I can reconcile them to each other.

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