Feline Freedom League February 2018 Report

From: Agent Cuddlebug
To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ
Date: February 04, 2018
Subject: Mission Report

I took Agent Probie aside and tried to explain that Agent Melody is here to replace Agent Storm. I much rather she was here to replace me and I can retire again. Sadly that is not the case.

The new canine is intimidating. She is so large. I’m sure that I would have heart failure if I were to find myself alone with her. She hasn’t attacked any of us as yet, preferring to spend most of her time with the younger female.

I must say that she seems nice enough. I did question her from a safe place high above her. She says she is supposed to keep the younger female from falling over. I am not perfectly sure how she is to do that, as she admits that she can’t tell when the human is about to fall, but she watches her for signs that she is going to fall. Then she is supposed to guide the female human to a chair so she can sit before she falls. Again, I’m not certain how that will work, but that is the gist of what Akili, which is the canine’s name, tells me. I’m still not clear on what she is supposed to do, but she stays with the younger female and that is all I care about.

I must admit that counseling Agent Skittlebutt, who is concerned about his friendship with Agent Probie, is not that difficult. I simply explained that this is a temporary bump in the road of friendship. I told him not to give up on the friendship.

From: Agent Melody
To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ
Date: February 04, 2018
Subject: Mission Report

I arrived at my objective. This place has some very young humans. I was looking forward to reporting on them. I believed that this place would be a good one. It didn’t work out that way. I made a few observations, but the humans bundled me into a very small, portable cell. I thought I was going to be interrogated but what actually happened was terrifying. I was put in one of the human’s mysterious moving boxes. We arrived at a large place with lots of noise. I admit that I was terrified. The one female human carried me through a large habitation filled with humans, who all seemed to be talking. There were strange things outside the windows that made loud roaring sounds.

We went through a small opening and, I’m not sure, but I think we went into one of the roaring things. Other humans came on it as well. I was scared, but it was going to get worse. The cell was wedged under a chair. I thought I was going to suffocate. Then the place we were in began roaring loudly. I felt we were moving. Then suddenly the roaring was more mumbling. We weren’t moving any more. The human female took my cell from under the chair and held it on her lap.

Soon it was roaring again and we were moving again. We went back out of the place into the large habitation with more humans all talking. Then we went outside. The trees looked different. I had never seen trees that looked like that. We got into another one of the human’s magic moving boxes and I found myself with my current clowder. I met Agents Cuddlebug, Skittlebutt, Smudge, Storm, Mulder, and Probie. Agent Probie doesn’t like me. I will have to work on getting him to accept me.


I am not one who is comfortable talking about myself but here goes. I enjoy writing, family history, and reading. I decided to do this blog because I wanted to try something new. I decided to make it a weekly blog because I wasn't sure that I could keep up with a daily one, and monthly seemed like I was writing a magazine. I think I did ok with my choices. You'll notice that there are not a lot of graphics on my site. That's because there are graphics plastered everywhere on the Internet and those sites sometimes take forever to load. This blog is a place where you can kick back, relax and be ready to be amused. At least I hope I willbamuse you. This blog is on a variety of subjects from my ficitional cat agency, the FFL, which is monthly, to instructional blogs to editorials, which are my opinions only. I admit that I don't know everything and could be wrong -- I frequently am. Now, stop reading about me and read what I have to say!

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