Feline Freedom League January 2018 Report

From: Agent Smudge To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 07 January 2018
Subject: Mission Report

Agent Melody seems nice. She is getting along with everyone here, with the exception of Agent Probie. I’m not sure why he doesn’t like her. We haven’t had a female agent here since the death of Agent Luna. I still miss her. Agent Melody will be a good addition to our clowder. I just wish Agent Probie would relax enough to give her a chance. I’m sure he would like her if he would just take the time to get to know her.

Agent Storm’s death has left me depressed. I don’t think I am the only one. I would like to help the others with their grief, but I lack training to work in this manner. I would really like to help my fellow agents.

Would it be possible to send me some study materials on how to help my fellow agents with their grief? I think it would benefit the entire clowder if one of us could help with problems like like that. I know that Agent Cuddlebug is counseling Agent Probie. I would like to help in a similar fashion. Study materials on how to do that would be helpful.

A large canine has arrived in this place. I believe it would be in our best interests to do what we can to drive her out of this place. I have begun a campaign to harass her to get her to move on. So far, I have been unsuccessful. I have been joined in my efforts by Agent Mulder. I will report more on our progress in future reports.

From: Agent Skittlebutt To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 7 January 2018
Subject: Mission Report

I am honored to be the cat chosen to mentor our new agent, Melody. She is a nice little cat and is very respectful of her seniors. I must admit that I was surprised by my selection as her mentor. I would have thought that such an honor would go to either Agent Cuddlebug or Agent Storm as they are the most senior agents in this habitation. I will do my poor best to mentor Agent Melody well.

Agent Probie has stated his belief that Agent Melody is here to replace him. I did my best to explain that she is here to learn how to be an effective field agent, but he was not listening to me. I can only hope that he settles down soon.

I did try to point him towards the project that he and I stated on learning as much as we can about the humans in this habitation. I told him that he should take the lead on the investigation as I would have mentoring duties in addition to my regular duties. Sadly, that just set him off again. I do not know why he is so against Agent Melody. She has been nothing but pleasant and polite. Perhaps Agent Probie is feeling somewhat insecure, although I cannot see why he should feel that way. I will continue my efforts to reconcile him with Agent Melody.

As for my regular duties, I haven’t much to report. The humans are behaving as they always have, except for the new canine that they have brought to this location. I am certain that we can find out what purpose they have in bringing the canine into our midst. Her name is Akili and she is huge. I will report on that as soon as I learn anything of value.

Michigan Humane Society: Somebody here needs you.



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