Feline Freedom League Quarterly Report December 2015

From: Agent Storm To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 6 December 2015
Subject: Quarterly Mission Report

As I am sure you are all aware, we have a hiring freeze on agents. It has been decided that Agent Snickers will not be replaced as there are more than enough agents to cover for her in that location. As far as a replacement for Agent Trouble, we are considering it as Agent Pica has sent word that she has no one to cover for her when she is feeling under the weather. Given that Agent Pica is near retirement age, we have taken that under advisement. We ask that Agent Pica hold on a little bit longer for a new partner. We will try to get her a new partner after the cold time.

We are working out a schedule for reporting purposes. Starting in January The rotation will be as follows: Agents Cuddlebug and Luna will start off in January. Agent Mulder will send his report in February. Agents Pica and Probie will submit their reports in March. Agents Smudge and Storm will report in April. The rotation will continue in that order.

We only ask each agent to do his or her best to cover your mission and perform the tasks assigned to him or her. We thank you for your cooperation.

From: Mr. Whiskers To: All Agents Date: 6 December 2015
Subject: Updated Report schedule

Agent Probie has been making attempts to contact other felines in other locations, using the small device that the younger human spends so much time looking at. She refers to it as ‘texting’. So far, I don’t believe that the other felines have responded and must conclude that ‘texting’ is not an efficient means of communication. For one thing, it is difficult to get the small device and user it without the humans noticing. The boxes with the pictures are much easier. The ones that allow us to enter our reports are even better. Agent Probie has requested that I pass on his inquiry as to whether he should continue to try to contact the Harris team, which is the team that he tried to contact.

The younger human seems have suffered some kind of debilitating attack. She appeared to suffer some pain, although that seems to be passing off now. I do not understand what happened. She was gone for a while, so perhaps the attack came on at that time. when she returned she smelled of the Vet’s. So far I have been unsuccessful in determining what she experienced, only that it seemed to impair her ability to function for a long time. she moves slowly and carefully, using a strange cage like device to support herself. We have learned to keep out of her way when she moves using the cage.

Michigan Humane Society: Somebody here needs you.


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