Feline Freedom League Report: August 2015

From: Agent Snickers To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 2 August 2015
Subject: Mission Report

I was already in pain when they took me for interrogation. I gave them nothing. The torture has not ended though. I still find it painful to walk. They force some vile stuff down my throat and I find it unpalatable, but somehow, after they do that the pain I had is not quite as bad. I do not know how much longer I can continue with my duties as an agent. I will only say that I will do my best to learn of any plans the humans may be hatching against feline kind.

I will do my part; don’t doubt that I will do that. I am just as committed to our cause as any cat here. I will work harder because of the pain, not less. I am no shirker. I will use my pain as a motivator. I am certain that the humans are responsible for the pain. I do not know how they have introduced this pain, but I know that they have. They have named it Arthur or Titus, I have not figured out which is correct. I will find out and I will defeat it.

From: Agent Storm To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 2 August 2015
Subject: Mission Report

For the record, no one has accused Agent Snickers of shirking her duties. We can see that she is incapacitated. If she asserts that she hasn’t given up any information during her last interrogation, I, for one, believe her. I hope that Agent Snickers understands that she has my full support in her time of need. I hope that she regains her former agility soon.

That said, I believe that the Younger Female has undergone an interrogation of her own. She and the Older Female were gone from this place for a time. They returned for a dark time, and then the Younger Female was gone again. When she returned this time, she smelled of the Vet. She appears to be in pain, which has led to my conclusion that she went for interrogation. No doubt, she found reporting to her superiors not as pleasant as we find reporting to headquarters.

Agent Probie has been trying to ascertain what the humans were doing to the Younger Female to put her in such pain. As of this writing, he has not been successful. He and I have discussed his attempts and agreed that he should continue his efforts to learn what he can there. We may have discovered a division in the enemy ranks. We will look for ways to take advantage of the situation if we can. We will keep you apprised of our results as we can.

How has Agent Pica been coping since the loss of Agent Trouble? We have not heard and would appreciate an update. I found her quite agreeable when we worked together for that time. I hope that she has received a new partner. I believe that agents need to work in pairs as a cat alone is not able to cover all the territory that they should. Please let me know how she is doing.

Michigan Humane Society: Somebody here needs you.


I am not one who is comfortable talking about myself but here goes. I enjoy writing, family history, and reading. I decided to do this blog because I wanted to try something new. I decided to make it a weekly blog because I wasn't sure that I could keep up with a daily one, and monthly seemed like I was writing a magazine. I think I did ok with my choices. You'll notice that there are not a lot of graphics on my site. That's because there are graphics plastered everywhere on the Internet and those sites sometimes take forever to load. This blog is a place where you can kick back, relax and be ready to be amused. At least I hope I willbamuse you. This blog is on a variety of subjects from my ficitional cat agency, the FFL, which is monthly, to instructional blogs to editorials, which are my opinions only. I admit that I don't know everything and could be wrong -- I frequently am. Now, stop reading about me and read what I have to say!

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