FFL: Formal Notification of Death

From: Agent Pica To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 1 December 2014
Subject: Formal Notification of Death

I have to report that Agent Trouble is gone. She has passed over the Rainbow Bridge to the Better Place. She had not been feeling well for a while. I had to take over all the observations in this place, which is not easy when you are on your one. I got no help from her. She was that sick. The human took her for interrogation and she did not return. I overheard them saying that she has gone over the Rainbow Bridge to the Better Place. I had not realized that humans understood about the Bridge and Place, but I must conclude that they believe in the Better Place as well. I will maintain my vigil and will remain steadfast in my duty. I have enclosed the Form 87/945832 D on Agent Trouble. . I don’t know if she was unable to withstand the interrogation or was executed. May she play forever in the Better Place.

I also submit Agent Trouble’s Last Will and Testament, which I found in her secret place. She told me of it when she got so sick, in case the worst happened, which did, as I have informed you. I have not read the Will, in accordance with regulation 69-782 Section 5, Paragraph 9, which states that Agents will send the personal effects of deceased agents to HQ. Please find her nip, and Will enclosed. All the toys here were jointly owned; please advise if I need to send half of them to HQ as I was not certain about the ownership of them.

From: Mr. Whiskers To: Agent Pica Date: 21 December 2014
Subject: Death of Agent Trouble

We have received your packet and report. We extend our condolences to you for the loss of your partner. Your request for a replacement has been taken under advisement, but recent budget cuts will be a factor in the final decision.

Enclosed, you will find Agent Trouble’s nip, which she left you in her Will, which has been with the personnel department in compliance with Regulation 69-782 Section 5, Paragraph 10 on the filing of Wills and distribution of bequests. As Agent Trouble had no known kin, the jointly owned toys are all yours now, Agent Pica. Again, we send our deepest sympathies in your loss.

We will advise you if and when a new agent is assigned to your location.

Michigan Human Society: Believe you can make a difference!

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