Pierre Robert, My 7th Great Grandfather

Pierre ROBERT was my 7th great grandfather. He was born 21 September 1671 in Ste Famille, Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of Louis ROBERT and Marie BOURGERY. He married Angelique PTOLEMEE on 27 January 1697/98 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. The couple had 7 children, Marie Louise, born in 1698; Jean Baptiste, born in 1700; Angelique, born between 1700 and 1710; Pierre, born about 1708; Madeleine, born in 1711; and Antoine, born in 1712.

He died 16 August 1671 most likely in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, but I have no proof of that.

I don’t have many facts on this individuals, as you can see. I have done some research online but I need to gather sources from parish records and other sources. To that end, I have done some work on this individual. I have taken a look at things others have done on this individual.

One file has his birth date as being in August. Many more have him born in September. This sort of discrepancy is what you have to watch for when you are doing family history research. There are many errors that creep into the data that is on line. You have to evaluate each piece of information as you get it. I have several pieces of the puzzle that was Pierre Robert dit Lafontaine.

As I find more information, I will have to evaluate them to determine which date or item is the correct one. That’s why it is so important to document your research. It’s why the research journal that I wrote about a few weeks ago is so important. You will need to work on your research carefully and try to figure out where your research is taking you.

In the case of Pierre Robert born in 1671, in Quebec, I have a lot of research to do. I have some resources, but they are mostly second hand sources. That means that the source is either compiled from other records, like an index of parish records, or the information did not from the person directly involved with the record, like the informant in a death record. That is, the person was not an eyewitness to the record event.

If you work on your family history, you will run into this kind of situation where you are not certain which one of several different individuals with the same name in the same location, is the person that you descend from. That’s the hard part. Whenever you find a piece of the puzzle that is your family history, you have to question it. Is it correct? Is it a record on your ancestor or is the record on an individual with the same name.

If you do that diligently, you should be able to determine whether the record belongs in your family file or not. Document everything. If you take the time to do that now, it will ultimately save you time in the end. A well documented family tree is a correct family tree.

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