Feline Freedom League August 2014 Monthly Report

From: Agent Storm To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 3 August 2014
Subject: Quarterly Mission Report

They took me for interrogation along with the others. Agent Cuddlebug’s impulsive attack on Agent Alistair was ill advised and has far-reaching consequences. I gave nothing up, as always. I must admit that I was certain that one of the others would break, but on consideration, I must conclude that they have all acted in accordance with regulations and gave nothing up to the human interrogator. Even young Agent Probie comported himself with honor. I believe that he will eventually mature into a fine agent.

Agent Smudge has a skinned nose. I told him that he needs to make a report on his injury, but he refuses to speak of it. I do not believe that he is aware that I was a witness to the incident in which he skinned his nose. Therefore, in accordance to Regulation 65, section 12, I make my own report of the incident. Agent Probie has taken to practicing his pounces on whichever of us presents ourselves as a target. He did so with Agent Smudge, who was taken unawares. Agent Probie pounced on Agent Smudge and pushed him into the wall. Agent Smudge skinned his nose at that time. He intimidated Agent Probie with threats of charges, then used those threats to force Agent Probie into not filing an accident report. Pride is a good thing, but it can be taken too far. Agent Smudge was too embarrassed to make this report so I have taken it upon myself to report what I saw.

From: Agent Luna To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 3 August 2014
Subject: Quarterly Mission Report

Agent Cuddlebug still has not been reprimanded for his attack on Agent Alistair. I know that Agent Snickers has not reported Agent Alistair’s attack on her. I believe he is smitten with her and harassing her, as a result, but she will not report it. Perhaps she likes it. I would not and I would report such behavior, but she swears that there is nothing to the incident and that it is only a misunderstanding. I have my doubts, but I have no proof. Therefore, I will let the matter rest.

It is a sad thing to lose weight for your health and only the enemy notices. My colleagues used to tease me about my weight, but since I lost it and am now at my healthy weight, I get nothing. It is most aggravating when the humans notice something that my own kind missed. It’s also a bit humiliating, I must admit. However, I can report that I have successfully reduced my weight to the desired weight I should have. While it would be nice to have some sort of acknowledgement of the accomplishment, I didn’t really expect it. They are tomcats, all of them. They take no notice of anything in their midst. They only play fight and whine when they get hurt. Then they come to me. I am no nurse and I tell them so. I do not know how Agent Smudge skinned his nose, although Agent Storm’s report seems to be a likely cause, so I will say only that he came to me for aid. I gave what I could but I also warned him to make a report. If he fails to do so, it is not my fault or affair.

Michigan Humane Society: Somebody here needs you.

The Animal Rescue Site

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