Replacing a Window Screen

Sometimes it’s necessary to replace the screening in your windows. It’s not hard to do, but you will need materials. You will need screening of course. I used the nylon stuff although the aluminum stuff would last longer, the nylon stuff is easier to work with, it’s your choice. You will need a roll of spline. Spline is a kind of rubbery cord that fits into the groove around the window frame. That is what holds the screen in place. You will probably have to replace it along with the screen. They do not last forever.

It’s not as hard as it might seem. Your first step is to remove the screen from the window. You should have a flat surface ready for when you do this. You will need to rest the screen frame on the flat surface to re-spline it.

Lay the window screen on a flat surface and pull out the spline. You might need to use a screw driver to pry the spline out of the groove. Then take out the screen and discard it. Lay the roll of new screen over the frame and unroll it to cover the entire frame. Then you simply cut it to fit. That’s why nylon is easy to work with – you can use scissors to cut it. Then you take the roll of spline and put one end into the groove of the frame, with the screen between the spline and the frame. Take the spline tool, which consists of a hand grip with two wheels on either end. One of the wheels is convex, while the other is concave. Use the convex one to push the spline into the groove. You use the convex one to smooth it all out. Make sure you have a taut screen while you are doing this. Go down the side of the frame, along the bottom, up the other side and across the top. Then you are done.

Things to be aware of, cats like to sit in the middle of the screen while you are trying to hold it taut, so make sure to shoo them away. If you try to work on the floor, keep your dogs away as well. They will be curious and step right in the way on their way to getting in your face.

Take your time with this task. Speed is not your friend here as you can easily pull the screen loose before you get it completely pressed into place. This is the Voice of Experience. If you hold the screen too taut, you will pop the spline out of the groove on one side even aas you are doing the other side. Make sure that you leave enough edge to hang onto while you are pressing the spline and the screen into the frame.

Once you get the screen splined in, and it is nice and taut, just trim off the excess screen, put the newly screened frame back into the window, and enjoy the fresh air. That’s all there is to it.


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