FFL Mission Report April 2014

From: Agent Luna To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 6 April 2014
Subject: Mission Report

The new observation post is wonderful. I wish that I could use it more. Agent Probie has obviously never learned how to share. This has led to some pithy remarks in these teams. I tried to take him aside to explain the concept of communal, but I do not think he completely understood. He still monopolizes the post. Therefore I returned to the long one in the other room. Not only is it poorly placed for the purpose, one of the canines has access to it as well.

All of this is counterproductive. I spend my time listening to the humans talk among themselves. They do not say much in my hearing, of course, but I will work to crack their code as I am certain that they speak a kind of code when they know that felines are around. I assure you that I will do my utmost to understand what they are saying. Please disregard any accusations of collaboration as this effort will require close proximity to the humans. I have been misunderstood before and have no wish to be investigated again.

From: Agent Storm To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 6 April 2014
Subject: Mission Report

The new observation post has arrived. I must say it is a nice one. We all climbed on it to take a look. There was some disorderly jostling, but that was nothing serious. Agent Probie needs to learn that he cannot always have the observation post. Other agents must have their turn. Perhaps you could send him an official directive to limit his time on the unit. He might actually obey it. He does seem to obey directives from headquarters even if he doesn’t always obey his senior agents.

I suggest that he be given a directive to listen to his seniors. I’ve tried mentoring him, but he will have none of it. I don’t recall going through this stage myself, but I have seen it in other agents and believe this is a phase most young agents go through. It’s a dangerous phase. If he lives through it, he will settle down and do his job properly. He might even make a tolerably good agent.

The observation post is not too high for my taste. I know Agent Mulder would prefer one that is higher. He does like to see things from above. I suppose that is not a bad thing. I prefer lower platforms as they are easier to reach. I’ll admit that I am not as young as I once was. Agent Probie exhausts me. He has so much energy and I find that exhausting. It tires me just to watch him.

He still cavorts with the canine, by the way. I do not think that is either healthy for Agent Probie or particularly useful, as I do not believe that the canine has any information that we do not already know. Agent Probie is wasting his time there, I think. Still it is good practice for him.


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