FFL March 2014 Report

From: Agent Mulder To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 2 March 2014
Subject: Agent Probie’s Interrogation

Agent Probie was taken for interrogation today. He’s been before and bragged on how he didn’t talk, this time he was there longer. He swears that he didn’t reveal any secrets, but I have my doubts. He seems different. I can’t put my paw on it but he is different. He was clumsy for a few days on his return. He couldn’t climb as well as he’d done before. I do not know what they have done to him, but it can’t be good.

I suggested that we quarantine him until we are certain that he hasn’t be compromised, but I was overruled by the other agents. They seemed to think that he just underwent a thorough medical examination. I’m not convinced that was all that took place. He says he doesn’t remember anything, yet insists that he has not revealed any secrets. Agent Storm states that we have all been interrogated in that fashion and the humans have not learned any secrets from any of us. I find myself wondering why do they continue to do it?

From: Agent Probie To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 2 March 2014
Subject: My Interrogation

Agent Mulder is just annoyed that I was not taken to another prison. I did not reveal any feline secrets to the humans. I seem to have lost my ability to grip things, but I can still climb. My last interrogation was unusual in that I don’t remember it, but I am physically fit for duty and no cat can say otherwise. However, I must admit that I am missing something. when I bathe I notice that I don’t have the lumps that I once had that were unique. I’m not certain but I think the humans took them from me to do experiments on them. I did a search on the humans’ smart box and have learned that lumps are called cancer and are bad. perhaps they were this ‘cancer’ and removed for my own good. They didn’t hurt and I can’t believe that they were evil things. I will continue to report as usual, as Agent Mulder is the only one who thinks I should be quarantined. The others still trust me as much as they did before.

From: Agent Smudge To: Mr. Whiskers Date: 2 March 2014
Subject: Agent Probie’s Interrogation

Agent Probie is correct in that I trust as much as I did before, which wasn’t much. he is incorrect in his assumption that his lumps were the evil ‘cancer’. Agent Storm advised me that what Agent Probie lost was his tom-hood, and that he doesn’t realize it is the tragedy of youth. Agent Storm states that all of us have lost our tom-hood. I barely remember that, and I am not sure that Agent Storm is correct in that, but I have no evidence to refute it, so I bow to his experience.

Agent Probie is still young. I think we can train him, but it must be a group effort and that is just not going to happen here. Is there any way we can transfer him to a location where they can train him properly. I know that he graduated from the academy, but he still needs some on the job training. I cannot be expected to do it all myself and no one else is evening trying that I can see. Please advise.


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