Feline Freedom League Photo Gallery

Agent Cuddlebug

Cuddlebug I was incarcerated for a time before being moved to my current assignment. I must say it was an improvement even though my partner at the time, the Late Great Agent Milo was intimidating until I got to know him. I am a buff colored tabby cat. I am fifteen years old and I suppose it could be said that I am ready for retirement. I’m not entirely sure about that, as I would always prefer to know where my next meal is coming from. That means that I must stay here. We should have some kind of retirement home for agents, instead we work our entire lives. I sometimes wonder what we are doing this for. Once I came to this team, changed as it is from what I first encounter so long ago with Agent Milo, I have not come to any physical harm. That said. I have golden eyes and am rather handsome, if I do say so myself.

Agent Luna

Luna -- croppedI refuse to disclose my age. It is unnecessary. It is enough to say that I am a black and white cat. I like to be friends with anyone, even humans. I should say especially humans as they talk more to a friendly feline, than they would to a hostile one. this is often the basis for the charges of collaboration from the cretins I am forced to work with. it was much better when the team just consisted of Agent Storm and myself. I have yellow eyes. I refuse to state my weight. That too, is no one’s business but my own.

Agent Mulder

Mulder-- cropped I am solid gray with gold eyes. I am sleek and professional. I am also limber and my short hair looks like the fabric humans call velvet. I am strong and fearless. I think my addition to the team of Agents Luna and Storm was a good choice. They needed someone like me on the team to whip them into shape. Agent Storm was timid and Agent Luna is too lazy to be effective. I soon whipped them into shape. They should thank me, but they don’t even acknowledge my contributions to the team, ungrateful as they are. I am their muscle and they can’t even see how I protect them. Well, I believe they see it, they just don’t acknowledge it.

Agent Pica

Pica I am what you would call a red tabby. I have white paws and a white shirtfront. My eyes are yellow. I’m not a huge cat, but I am solid and dependable. I may seem a bit timid to the humans but that is because before I came to this team, I was placed in an abode that also housed the smaller, immature humans who showed no respect for me. I confess that I had a few liaisons with some external tom agents. I have at least one daughter who became an agent of the League, namely Agent Snickers, not that she ever acknowledges me. She is too busy even to send me a note to say how she is.

Agent Probie

Probie CroppedI am a cream, white and brown cat. Humans have a special name for my coloration, but I can’t recall what it is. I have blue eyes. I am the youngest agent in this team and the other agents let me know that I have a lot to learn. I agree with that and only ask that they teach me. I don’t think that is too much to ask. I do my best to keep the canines distracted so that they leave the other Agents alone, but that is too much for them. They don’t appreciate the effort and they barely acknowledge that I am here. How will I get training I need, if no one will teach me what I need to know. I study the manual as much as I can, but practical experience is a must.

Agent Smudge

Smudge cropped Like Agent Mulder my fur is all gray, but I have longer hair than he does. I am muscular and strong as well. My eyes are green and gold, that is, one eye is green and the other more gold. I am firm in my belief that I am a vital part of this team. I can move with the best of them, even though I much prefer the lower portions of the abode while Agent Mulder takes the higher vantage points. I think we make a good team.

Agent Snickers

Snickers I am a tortoiseshell cat. I have orange, brown, and black fur. My eyes are yellow and green. I will not disclose my age or weight. I don’t care if anyone knows, but I am not going to pander to the curious. That would be beneath me. I’ve been told by the humans that I am beautiful and striking but I discount their words as they are not known for trustworthiness. I must admit that the humans I am currently assign to observe are better than most. More than that, I will not say.

Agent Storm

Storm cropped I confess that I was suspicious when Agent Luna joined my team. I was still mourning my mentor Agent Whisper, who passed on. Where she passed on to, I have never discovered. I am muscular, but am currently plagued with ill health. It’s why I have been targeted for interrogations. I don’t believe I have betrayed anything, but I can’t remember some of the sessions. I am still a good, viable agent though.

Agent Trouble

 Trouble 12-7-13 023  I was a single agent for some time before Agent Sugar came. She wasn’t much of an agent. I believe she had a rough transition and I am sorry to say that I was less welcoming than I should have been. Her replacement Agent Pica was a sad disappointment. The temporary placement of Agents Storm and Luna with us did force us to unite and work together. I am a brown tabby of indeterminate age.


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