Feline Freedom League: Monthly Report May 2013

From: Agent Pica

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 5 May 2013

Subject: The Drug

I am so tired. I can’t imagine why. The human female put some stuff on the floor. I’ve had it before. I think it is an interrogation technique similar to that performed in that place, except that my hindquarters are never sore after this. The stuff is like dried grass of some sort. I get so excited when I smell it because the scent is wonderful. I can’t help myself I roll in it and then I get dreamy. I feel as though I were floating on air. It’s a lovely feeling – rather like the one you get just before you drop off to sleep. I think I did fall asleep. I woke up tired and let down, though. I am sure that I was interrogated even though I only remember bits and pieces of things. It was as though I were dreaming something wonderful. There was simply no resisting it. the dried grass stuff is insidious and we need to get a sample to analyze.

I have no aftereffects, except for a feeling of lethargy. I have no pain only a vague depression. I find that I like the effects of the grass, which is dangerous. I may need some sort of drug or herb to counter the effects. If there is such an herb, I must requisition some for immediate delivery. I am certain that the humans have more of this grass stuff and we will need some kind of defense against it.

From: Agent Trouble

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 5 May 2013

Subject: The Drug

Agent Pica is correct. I tried to get a sample of the grass to send for analysis, but was overcome by the scent. I, too, rolled in it and only remember bits and pieces of things. The stuff is both wonderful and disturbing. It could well be an interrogation technique, although I don’t recall being questioned. I think they were only testing the grass. I will do what I can to learn more about their plans in using the stuff. I do not know if it will be possible to get a sample to send to the lab. That’s how powerful he stuff is. One whiff and you are a kitten again. I’m mortified, although it felt so good at the time. I am not sure that the stuff is not addictive.

If anyone has managed to sample this dried grass and found an antidote, I, too, would like to requisition some. Otherwise, I fear that our position here may well be compromised beyond hope. I will do my best to resist, but the stuff is alluring and I was not able to withstand it, even after seeing what it did to Agent Pica. It was so degrading, but that was the last intact memory I have of the incident. Please send as much of the antidote, if there is one, as you can as soon as you can. We are desperate straits here.


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