Feline Freedom League: Monthly Report For February 2013

From: Agent Snickers

To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 10 February 2013

Subject: The Snake

It’s long. It’s thin. It hisses. It’s a snake and they won’t get it out of this place. I do not know why the humans don’t find the thing alarming. Perhaps it is because they have it tethered to a box by its tail. That could be why it is hissing so much. I would not have thought that the humans of this place would torture a living creature. They appear kind enough, even if they do keep us prisoner in this place. Other than that, they treat us well enough, although I would prefer it if they got rid of those smelly canines.

The snake is another matter. It is a recent addition to this place. I am not sure why it is here. The older female fusses with it most often; again, I do not understand her fascination with it. She allows it to suck on her face, which I find horrifying. She lets it such the air from her! This behavior is inexplicable and terrifying. To my shame, I find that I cannot remain in the room while she does this. I only wish that I knew why she is suddenly worshiping this snake the way that she does. It all started after she went for interrogation. That is all that I can tell you. One of the other agents will have to find out why she is doing this. My horror of snakes is too great.

From: Agent Cuddlebug

To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 10 February 2013

Subject: The Snake

Some cats say it is a snake. Maybe it is, but it is like no snake that I ever saw. For one thing, it is too thin and you can see the floor through it. For another, it does not smell as though it were alive.  I do not believe the thing is or ever was alive. The older female places the wide end over her mouth and nose willingly for reasons I cannot determine. Then she causes it to make the most horrible noise I have ever heard in my life.  The sound is what makes it seem alive. I think it is some sort of machine and is not eating her face. I believe this is true because when I see her after the thing has been on her face, she has no apparent wounds and there is no scent of blood. Therefore, Agent Snickers is incorrect in her belief that the female is under some sort of attack when the thing is on her face.

The so-called snake hisses, but it doesn’t sound like the snakes I remember from my kittenhood. I know some cats may say that I can’t remember my kittenhood that well, but I have some clear memories of snakes and I say this thing is not a snake. I will admit that the hissing it makes is somewhat alarming, but it is still not alive and not a snake.

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