Freedom Feline League: January 2013

From: Agent Pica

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 6 January 2013

Subject: The Female’s behavior

The unnatural tree is no longer turning in the observation room. It was there from the festival of food that they do not share with us. The humans left us overnight and came home from a place where they were, carrying scents of places that we can’t identify. They had food we could smell that. Their clothes reek of the festival of food. It’s the first time they stayed away for the nighttime. That is quite unusual. We have no idea where they were or why we were left alone like that.

The female often hunts me down and holds me captive while she checks something that she calls my weight. I am not perfectly sure what that is. Agent Trouble keeps trying to look on the smaller of the two information boxes that the female uses, but has been unsuccessful in locating the information that the female records. Each time that the female grabs me and takes me into the observation room, I struggle for my freedom and make her let me go. She tells me that I have either lost or gained weight. I do not understand what she means by that. I am not sure what she is looking for as she checks my weight. I can only assume that this weight thing is something important that we need to find out what they will do with the information.

From: Agent Trouble

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 6 January 2013

Subject: The Female’s behavior

They have taken down the tree we are not allowed to climb. It turned around and they lit the lights on it. Now it is gone again. I still do not understand it. Every few days, the female human stands on a white square device. She watches the moving picture box and makes notes on her information machine. I have tried to discern the reason for her behavior. Then she started grabbing me and standing on the white thing with me draped over her shoulder. Then she puts me down and notes something on the information machine. Sometimes she says, “good job, you haven’t gained anything,” or “oh, oh, you’ve lost some,” to me. I have no idea what she means. Of course, I will do my utmost to figure out what she is doing. To that end, I have been trying to see if the stuff that she types into the information box is there. I need to see the stuff before I can figure out what it is for, that is, the information is in there somewhere. Once I find the data, I can find out its purpose. The main problem is that I don’t quite know where she stores the data and what the file names are. I will continue to search for the information. I can then pass the information on to headquarters once I find it so that it can be analyzed. I would appreciate it if the analysis, should I be successful in finding the data, be shared with me as I confess that I am quite curious as to her reasons for holding me while she is standing on that white device.

The Animal Rescue Site

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