FFL: The Interrogation July 2012

From: Agent Storm

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 8 July 2012

Subject: The Interrogation and the Thunder Noises

I don’t remember much of what happened during the second interrogation. That is unusual. Usually they only take us for interrogation once, not twice within a week. The first interrogation was standard. I fought as best as I could, but they overpowered me. They learned nothing. The second interrogation session is the one that I can’t remember.

The younger female forced me to eat a small round thing. Then I began to feel sleepy, and it was as though everything was happening to some other cat that I didn’t care about. I am reasonably certain that I gave nothing away, but I must admit that the technique was new and I may have talked. However, I want it known that if I did talk; the drug that they gave me forced me to do so. I would never betray the League on my own. I don’t recall any questions, though. I may have been too far under for that.

I must admit that I rather enjoy the fact that I now get special food. Perhaps the young female feels sorry that I had to undergo such a brutal interrogation. She seems to be compassionate. Now if she would only do something about that second canine, I would have no issues with her.

Enough of the interrogation, I would not want anyone to state that I was milking it or anything. I want to forget the entire experience. There were some loud noises the other night. I do not know what they were. There was no storm that night that would produce thunder. There was only the sound of thunder with some sounds like rat-a-tat, one after the other. I remember this happening the last warm time, but I still do not know the cause. I believe I mentioned before that this should be investigated.

From: Agent Luna

To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 8 July 2012

Subject: The Interrogation and the Noises

Agent Storm can’t be sure that he didn’t talk. To be strictly honest, I don’t believe that he did. He was groggy when he came home from the interrogation place and just wanted to sleep. I made sure that everyone left him strictly alone. He obviously had just undergone some horrendous experience and needed to rest. The main reason I don’t think he told them anything of value is that he doesn’t really know anything more than the rest of us and none of us were removed for interrogation. Perhaps they thought he was the weakest, since he is the eldest of us. I don’t think we will ever know why they chose him, or even if he talked. Humans are quite secretive about what they have learned from us during interrogations.

I feel I must make some mention of the fire. It happened in a building not far from the one where we are stationed. The humans were quite disturbed, as I believe it to be a similar set up to this one, only there were no felines involved. I’m not quite sure if canines were present in the building at the time or not. I can only hope not, as I think burning to death a horrible way to die and wouldn’t wish it even on canines. That was some time ago, though.

The loud noises were distant, as though they were far away. I attempted to learn where the noises came from but was unsuccessful. There were some unusual falling stars in the distance. Perhaps they had something to do with the noises, although I cannot be certain. Like Agent Storm, I believe this is something that occurs every warm time. However, I believe that it has nothing to do with any action against felines. I will agree that an investigation of the phenomenon is in order.

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