FCIS: Chapter 3

“So,” Princess walked into Snowball’s lab. “What have we learned from Callie’s nest?” Snowball looked at him, her golden eyes wide.

“Nothing,” she said, “well, nothing about the killer. However, we have learned a lot about the victim. She was lonely, Princess.”

“Lonely?” Princess was confused. “The witnesses all said that she had dozens of friends.”

“She didn’t bring any back to her nest.” Snowball’s golden gaze was as earnest as her voice. “That’s sad. Don’t you think that’s sad?”

“Yes,” Princess drew the word out as he considered Snowball’s question. Personally, he thought she was wise not to bring anyone to her nest. Many of those witnesses were not people he’d want in his nesting place. Snowball gazed at him.

“There are no hairs or scents from any other cats in her nesting place,” Snowball said. “That’s so sad. There’s only evidence that the victim was there.” That was a little bit sad. Princess searched his memory. Hadn’t that caretaker claimed to be the victim’s tom friend?

“Thanks, Snowball,” he said and headed out of the lab.


Princess trotted into the office, looking for Crusher. He only found Mittens working on his computer.

“Where’s the Boss?” he asked.

“With the Director,” Mittens replied. “Why?”

“I’ve got a lead,” Princess said. “I need to go interview Brownie again.”

“Why?” Sassy walked up behind Princess. “We’ve spoken to him already. I do not believe that he has any more to tell us.”

“I just left Snowball,” Princess said. “She says that the only scent in Callie’s nest is Callie’s.”

“So?” Mittens said.

“So, Brownie said he and Callie were dating,” Princess said. “She should have taken him back to her nest a few times.”

“Not everyone is an alley cat,” Mittens said. He stood up. “I’ll see you in the morning. I have a date tonight and we aren’t going back to her place.”

“You do not have a date,” Princess scoffed. “Who would date you, Probie?”

“Her name is Doodles,” Mittens said, stiffly. “She could be my future Mate.”

“Come on,” Princess snorted. “Is she desperate?”

“You will be,” Crusher’s voice said from behind him. “If we don’t get this killer before he strikes again.” Princess spun.

“I’ve got an idea, Boss,” he said. “I think we should talk to Brownie again. He claims to have been Callie’s tom friend but he’s never been in her nest.” Crusher nodded.

“It’ll have to wait,” Crusher said. “We have another one. A tortoiseshell found in the park.” Princess frowned, that made four victims. “Cats have noticed the similarities and they are beginning to panic.” That wasn’t good. Panicked cats were liable to do great mischief. This was bad. It could bring humans into the picture with cats on the losing end of that.

“They will be looking to us for answers,” Crusher continued. “So what do we know about the killer?”

“We don’t even know how he chooses his victims yet,” Princess said earning a look from Crusher. He wished he could tell if the Boss was pleased or not. “Are they females who turned him down?”

“They are all tortoiseshell or calico,” Mittens said. “I don’t think sex comes into it. Male tortoiseshells or calicos are rare.” Trust the Probie to come up with something like that. The Boss liked stuff like that. Princess looked over at the Boss as Crusher nodded.

“Good point, Mittens,” he said. “Our killer could be choosing victims based on their coat color.” That would be crazy. Princess gave himself a mental shake. Serial killers were usually crazy. Crazy motives always seemed logical to them.

“Good,” he said. “We can tell the public that if they are not a tortoiseshell or calico, they are safe.” He caught Crusher’s eye. “Do we have an ID?”

“Not yet,” Crusher started for the door, the rest of the team trailing behind him.

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