One World

My prediction of a country called Europe with states like Britain, Scotland, France, Germany and Greece, is becoming less likely. I guess the one government world is even farther off, even though we have the foundations laid with the United Nations. I don’t know how many people think of things like that, but I don’t think I’m alone in believing that eventually we will pull together as a single entity on this earth. We are just taking our own sweet time about it.

It’s especially amusing since I think we are all descended from a single tribe. Uniting the world under one government now, could bring us full circle, assuming we can control the extremists, the silly people who can’t seem to see the big picture. They only see the parts of it that they want to see. We are one species among thousands. We are not better than the beasts and flowers. Sometimes, we are less than the beasts and the flowers. The flowers can be poisonous, but only if you mess with the wrong ones. The beasts, well, they are what they are.

Some people don’t eat meat because they think it is wrong to kill animals. I guess they don’t count plants as living, even though they do. I will eat meat and enjoy it because that’s what the human animal is, an omnivore. I suspect our ancestors were scavengers as well. We eat whatever we can to survive. That’s how we’ve survived, through our flexibility.

We are losing that flexibility. That’s a bit scary. We have overcome the environment and no longer live within our means. That’s part of the world’s problems. We have more people and fewer resources for them. We don’t budget well. We have conquered our natural predators. Now it’s up to the microbes to keep our numbers in check, lest we starve in large numbers.

You might laugh, but that would be worse than losing a few people to sickness. Ok, more than a few people in the epidemics sweeping the world, lately. Some people see the wrath of God in it. I see overcrowded conditions. I see the few resources that we have. Of course, I’m not one of the people suffering. I’m sure they see things a bit differently. Still, if we could colonize Mars or even the Moon, we could look at our world from a distance and realize that we have been stupid. That’s all there is to it. We are all idiots and we can’t seem to help ourselves.

I don’t think there is anyone who can help us, be they deities or aliens. Why should they? What have we done that makes us worthy of help? Nothing, that’s what. God destroyed the world once, for less. Maybe He will do it again, we certainly have done little to induce Him to keep us around.

If an alien species happened on us, they would not give us a second look, except possibly as a species to watch, just to see what we will do next. We might provide scientific data for them or even a bit of entertainment. Other than that, why should they expend any energy or resources on us? There’s no reason for that. They could just swoop in, take what we haven’t spoiled, and leave our remains here on the Earth rotting until the Earth reclaims us. Even the earth will be gone when the sun reclaims its planets; ok, not reclaims, but when the sun engulfs our world. Without the sun, we are less than nothing.

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