December Monthly Report

From: Agent Trouble                                          To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 4 December 2011

Subject: “Christmas

Once again, they left the door open so that they can go in and out. I moved towards it and one of them was always there to make me move back. I yearn to explore the smells outside. I had to content myself by investigating the odors on the boxes they brought in. that’s when I realized that it was happening again. I could detect faint whiffs of Agent Luna and Agent Storm. Has it really been that long since their reassignment? It’s the unnatural tree and the other things the humans do not like us to touch. I still do not know whatthis practice of bringing in the unnatural tree and hanging those sparkling objects on it that we cannot bat and play with signifies. They also remove the larger observation post so that we have no access to the front observation window. The unnatural tree is in the way there anyway, but I find myself wondering what it is that happens out there that they do not want us to witness. It seems a lot of work for a mere distraction, they sometimes snap comments at each other, but they seem satisfied when it is done.

Then there is the house that they set up. It sits on the raised stone area by the other opening to the outdoors. It consists of three pieces of hard cold stuff. They arrange three figures inside the main portion and a couple of animal figures and one of the smaller human figures inside each of the two side portions. In the center of the large main portion, they put a square box like object that, on closer inspection, resembles a human kit but I cannot say what it is supposed to be lying on; I can only assume that it is some sort of nesting material. Outside the house, they place assorted larger animal figures and more humans. One will not stay standing and usually can be found lying on its back. I remain confused and I am determined to learn more about this “Christmas” that they talk about.

From: Agent Pica                                                 To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 4 December 2011

Subject: “Christmas”

The female human is more tolerant than the male. He will chase me out from under the unnatural tree whenever he sees me exploring beneath it. I do not try to climb it, as it looks unsteady. It moves as well. It slowly turns around in a completely unnatural way. Trees that I see outside do not move except when the big air moves them. I don’t know what makes it move.

I also do not understand why Agent Trouble wants to explore outside when they move these things in. the air that comes in is cold. They do not keep the door open long. This time is one of those times when they are very efficient at moving the boxes in. I agree that the odors are interesting and that “Christmas” should be investigated. We may make another report later this month, if we learn anything new about it.

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