FFL: Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves?

From: Agent Trouble To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ
Date: 2 October 2011
Subject: Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves?
I have been watching the birds leave for wherever they spend the cold time. Has anyone determined that yet? Anyway, I have another question with no discernable answer: Why do the trees shed? You would think that the trees would want to keep their leaves in the cold time, and yet they shed them every year as the warm time turns to the cold time.
I have noticed this phenomenon occurs in almost all the trees surrounding this place. There is the tree over the box place that gains its leaves last in the beginning of the warm time and are the first to lose them when the cold time approaches. The other trees around don’t lose their leaves until later. There is a tree across the dangerous path where the boxes pass that turns red before dropping their protection. I do not understand this process. The two big trees that remain between this place and the dangerous path retain their fur. Those trees have fur, I’m almost positive about that. They retain their fur while the furless trees, that are mostly bare, lose what little protection they have. This always occurs just before the cold time when the white stuff falls from the sky.
I have tried to use the information box that the female sits before every morning to learn why this occurs, but I cannot seem to find the correct words to make the box tell me what I want to know. Could someone help me with this research? I confess that I am very curious.
From: Agent Pica To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ
Date: 2 October 2011
Subject: Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves?
I can’t say that I have ever given the trees much thought, except that they are where we could find birds. Why some of them drop their leaves while others retain their fur is not something I thought much about, I mean, why should I? It is not something we need to know in order to battle the humans for our freedom. I will support my partner though. It is the Feline Freedom League way to support one’s partner, even if we are not sure what our partner is after.
I will venture a guess that the leaves that the trees shed have nothing to do with warmth for the trees. However, that theory doesn’t explain why the furred trees retaining their fur. Yet they do. It’s definitely a puzzle, but I must remind my partner that this tree puzzle is not the focal puzzle that we face. Our orders are to puzzle out reasons behind our incarceration. I have a theory about this based on something the female does every morning. I have sat on the floor and watched her as she works the information box. There is one screen that she has the box show her every day. I have managed to read some of it and I have determined that it has a button that she can push that provides for the jails where humans imprison many of our feline friends with the means to feed them. I believe that the female human believes that feline-kind and canine-kind are better off imprisoned, than they are when they are out fending for themselves. I think humans are trying to protect feline-kind by imprisoning us. I think we should examine this over the reason that leaves fall off trees.


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