Feline Freedom League March 2011 Report

From: Agent Pica     To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 3 April 2011

Subject: Where do the Birds Go?

I know that this is not my assignment, to think of things like this, but I was wondering if anyone knows where the birds go during the cold time. I only wonder because they are returning as the warm time approaches and I was just wondering. I see them out at the feeding stations the humans put up. They moved the stations from in front of the big window where the larger of the two observation places is located. I used to like watching the birds from there. I miss the tree that used to sit out there. I wonder why they let the monster eat it. I could go for a really nice bite of bird right now. I see them out there, fluttering around and think of how nice one would be for my breakfast. Prison kibble is nothing worth fighting over, but a nice bit of fat robin would go down nice.

To get back to my question, have we got anyone working on this question? Surely some scientist somewhere is studying where the birds go during the cold white time. if they are not, might I respectfully ask why they are not? It would be interesting to know such things, if they are knowable.

From: Agent Trouble     To: Mr. Whiskers at HQ

Date: 3 April 2011

Subject: Where the Bird Go

They probably go someplace where it is warm and green. I’ve been on this machine and there is a wealth of human knowledge there. I believe they are just as curious about us as we are about them. They might keep us prisoner here to study our behavior. Or they sometimes think of us as toys or pets or some such thing. They feed the birds to watch them, although I have to admit that their observation of the feathered ones is not as intense as our own. They eat nothing with fur or feather on them. at least I have never seen them stripping feathers or fur from their food. Mostly they remove food from the frigid box or the cold box and heat it with their stove thing.

They do not spend as much time looking out the windows as looking at the box with the moving pictures and sound. I have learned much by sitting with the human female as they watch the pictures move in the box. She has not watched anything to do with birds in a while, but I suppose that is not her interest. I had to turn to the computer as the humans call it. I call it an information provider.

Anyway, the birds likely go some place warm. It would be the logical thing to do. Some birds remain here during the white time. I believe these birds are either too foolish or too stupid to go away to a warmer place. Sometimes it gets very cold in this prison and the humans bundle up. That’s when they want to cuddle me the most. I am looking forward to the window time when they open the windows and let the air inside. The white time is so stressful, I need some fresh air.


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One comment on “Feline Freedom League March 2011 Report
  1. Very well put and I agree with Agent Trouble.

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