Feline Freedom League December 2010

From: Mr. Whiskers     To: All Agents

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: Our New Director and Order CT3-563

I am pleased to inform you that President Bixby has appointed Shadow as our new Director of Operations for the newly structured Covert Agency. In accordance with Presidential Directive CT3-8975/29, Director Shadow has issued Order CT3-563 and we are hereby ordered to cease all attempts at escape and concentrate on surveillance of the humans. President Bixby would like to know more about the motives of our captors and why they hold so many of us prisoner. It is expected that you will report compliance with Order CT3-563 in your reports.

From: Agent Trouble     To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

I am pleased to comply with the order as the female human has graciously shared her warming blanket with me. I will ensure compliance from Agent Pica as well.

Last night the humans stayed up later than usual and drank something that smelled odd. It had bubbles like their usual drinks but they drank it from special glasses. I could hear faint bangs and pops as though a celebration was in progress somewhere in the night. The humans of this place tapped their glasses together and said “To the New Year.” Then they drank. I do not know the precise meaning of this ritual.

From: Agent Pica     To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

Agent Trouble need not ensure my compliance. I hereby announce my compliance with the order and directive. She is not the senior agent in any case.

I too am confused by the ritual I witnessed last night. The noises sounded far away but that could be a trick of the windows. The humans had the magic picture on and the image showed a crowd of humans dancing and celebrating something they called “Happy New Year”. I, together with Agent Trouble, will do my utmost to learn more about this odd ritual.

From: Agent Calli    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

I am willing to be in compliance with the order, but my ability to observe humans is limited. I can only assist and support Agents Trouble and Pica. I wish to state for the record that both agents were very helpful in providing me with some food smuggled under the “laundry tub” whatever that is. I am grateful for their assistance with the warm bedding. They have assured me that the humans will never miss the socks as they only take one from the set.

From: Agent Storm    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

I am certain that we are all in agreement that everyone here shall comply with order CT3-563.

I do wish to know what to do about the diminutive canine that is so very annoying. He is disgusting as he continues to use the carpet rather than his litter area. Perhaps we can undertake to train him to behave better. I would like some pointers on how that can be accomplished.

From: Agent Luna    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

I have no problem with order CT3-563. I will comply with it to the best of my ability and will, no doubt, learn more than anyone else here as I have already established a rapport with the younger female.

From: Agent Snickers    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

No doubt Agent Luna is making a dig at me. I can’t help it if I distain the humans. They are a nasty breed with no common courtesy. Nevertheless, I will comply with the order.

From: Agent Smudge    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

I will comply with the order although I must admit that I like some humans better than others. Agent Snickers doesn’t like any of them, or so it appears to me. I am certain that I will learn just as much as Agent Luna.

From: Agent Cuddlebug    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

What would Agent Snickers know about common courtesy? She shows it to no one and is upset that we show her none in return. Perhaps she should go for further training in field work. I am determined to comply with the order.

From: Agent Mulder    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

I will comply with the order.

Has anyone figured out the noises we all heard last night? Why were the humans up so late? Other than the younger female, they mostly sleep at night, due no doubt to their poor night vision.

From: Agent Crusher    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

My compliance goes without saying. The noises last night disturbed my hunting. Humans were about everywhere for a short time, then they returned to their dens. I have no idea why they do this once every cold season.

From: Agent Princess    To: Mr. Whiskers

Date: 1/1/2011    Subject: CT3-563

I am announcing my compliance with this order. I have settled into my new assignment with no real difficulties. I must admit that I would have preferred to have been informed of the deaths of my predecessors. Could I learn how they died? I’m sure that they had valiant deaths. The Canine here is no trouble. I can easily keep it in its place.





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